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It was Labour that made Leeds Hospital take out a loan in 2002 for £225 million and then pay back more than £1 billion. 26,000 hospital beds were also cut nationwide during Labour's final years in office. #ITVDebate … | 59 min

The Law of Attraction has never been more effect at a mass scale than now. Whilst the majority of voters that say they want it the most are liberals and the majority of the leaders that get it are Conservatives. #Labour #itvdebate #Conservative | 59 min

Not as good as the Welsh bloke saying on the #itvdebate pussy and bumboy | 59 min

Never trust a Tory #ITVDebate … | 59 min

Bill Barr you should be punished by law for your actions and you will You are working for trump rather than working for American people shame on you #ITVDebate | 59 min

Finally watching the #ITVDebate and I can’t understand why Boris is so obsessed on @jeremycorbyn picking a side (leave or remain) he clearly said over and over he’s going to create both options and allow the public to chose and stick to THEIR decision rather than personal choice! | 59 min

United Kingdom General Election 2019. (My opinion) #LetsThinkAboutWhatUnitedThanWhatDevidedUs #BBCELECTIONDEBATE #BBCNEWS #LBCINews #LBCNEWS #ConservativeParty #LabourParty #LiberalDemocrats #GreenParty #SNP #ITVDebate | 59 min

Love the juice wrld tie #ITVDebate | 59 min

The biggest takeaway from the TV debates? The look of complete surprise on faces of all Labour politicians when they learn they actually run the Welsh Government. One even called for a public enquiry in to the way they run the NHS. #C4Debate #BBCDebate #ITVDebate | 59 min

#ITVDebate Corbyn position on second referendum is irrelevant if the choice and facts are fairly presented before the vote . | 59 min

Johnson and Corbin tv debate: Extremist V Extremist. Voting for either of these characters would be a spoiled ballot paper. #ITVDebate | 59 min

#BBCLeadersDebate figures released. 2million less than watched #ITVDebate | 59 min

Did Jeremy Corbyn REALLY just imply that the Holocaust happened in the 19th century?! #ITVLeadersDebate #ITVdebate | 59 min

Boris Johnson's Brexit Deal puts the country on the path to a new Free Trade Agreement with the EU, the right relationship for the future #BackBoris #ITVDebate | 59 min

ITV shouldn’t be giving Boris any air time. If he didn’t show for the interview then they should skip him. #itvdebate #Leadersdebate | 59 min

Joined a sweepstakes on tonights Debate - I have Boris Johnson saying "erm" 72 times, "err" 47 times and "Let's Get Brexit Done" 17 times, oh, and not answering a straight question with a straight answer all night. I'm quietly confident...... #ITVDebate | 59 min

or Andrew Neil or #ITVDebate … | 59 min

Willie Rennie #ITVDebate A pantomime somewhere needs you !! | 59 min

This is a shambles !!!!! #ITVDebate | 59 min

Turns out Whipps Cross Hospital was underfunded by Labour. Conservatives invested in the hospital and turned it around. #ITVDebate | 59 min