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  • #DeraSachaSauda Saint Ram Rahim @Gurmeetramrahim g @derasachasauda supports and premotes in every possible way. It believes in cleaning civic areas and maintain the cleanliness. And thus, this Cleanliness Earth Campaign encompasses villages, towns, cities and
  • #UnlockYourInnerPower @derasachasauda @Gurmeetramrahim g Meditation strengthens one's immunity, improves health, increases consciousness and awakens intuition, helpline to flush out
  • #FastingToEndStarving @Gurmeetramrahim Volunteers of @derasachasauda keep one day fast in a week and deposit that day’s food in food banks at their respective blocks. From here this food material distribute to the hungry and poor
  • #RealHeroesOfHumanity Inspired by Saint Dr @Gurmeetramrahim Ji Insan, the volunteers of @derasachasauda carry out 134 welfare activities and champion the cause of humanity throughout the
  • #SaveGirlChild Saint Ram Rahim @derasachasauda @Gurmeetramrahim g urges 2 stop female foeticide & says that, if daughters will be killed so recklessly,then a day will come when boys will outnumber d girls. Then whom will d boys marry? And in that era,felony will start 2

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