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How much lower could she stoop? The woman who allegedly helped #JeffreyEpstein procure young woman, #GhislaineMaxwell, is reportedly in talks with US TV stations about an interview in which she will defend #PrinceAndrew … | 20 uur

Why would a network agree to let a pedophile and trafficker set the agenda? They ignored my reporting that Maxwell and #JeffreyEpstein worked as agents for Israeli military intel and were blackmailing US politicians, and can justify this? … | 20 uur

Banker Thomas Bowers, who worked for a bank that managed #JeffreyEpstein’s funds, was recently found dead from an apparent "suicide". The plot twist thickens & becomes more bizarre. … | 20 uur

Noren woedend om contact Mette-Marit met Epstein  --- > Is er ook een krant die op zoek gaat wie contact hadden in Nederland met #JeffreyEpstein.???! < | 20 uur

Public Service Announcement: Getting a woman who helped to sex traffic dozens of underage girls to publically defend you does NOT help your image or case. #PrinceAndrew #JeffreyEpstein … | 20 uur

How many times can we say it? #JeffreyEpstein #EpsteinSuicideCoverUp | 20 uur

Zelfs Arnold's "I'll be back" heeft geen betekenis meer... Althans, voor #JeffreyEpstein in ieder geval niet. | 20 uur

Virginia Guiffre's first UK interview aired on the BBC a short while ago. She implored the British public to stand by her side and not let what Prince Andrew allegedly did "be ok". #JeffreyEpstein … | 20 uur

Not suspicious #JeffreyEpstein's private wealth banker, who brokered and signed off on untold multiple millions of dollars in controversial #DeutscheBank and #Citibank loans spanning two decades for the convicted pedophile, has died from a reported suicide … | 20 uur

#VirginiaRoberts, the child victim of #JeffreyEpstein who accuses #PrinceAndrew of raping her when she was 17-years-old, has issued an emotional public warning, stating that she is "in no way, shape or form suicidal." READ MORE:  | 20 uur

Please raise your hand if you DID NOT kill #JeffreyEpstein | 20 uur

I believe this is called a video-taped allocution. ...That's certainly the only way she should ever appear on TV. #JeffreyEpstein #GhislaineMaxwell … | 20 uur

And here it is, the main reason I ditched my allegiance to the Democratic party. None of my Democrat friends will acknowledge the perversity of #BillClinton or the long-standing criminal allegations against this duo. #JeffreyEpstein #ZorroRanch … | 20 uur

#DonaldTrump is a national disgrace, rumour he met #MelaniaTrump via #JeffreyEpstein. Another rumour 13 year old child accuses #Trump of rape, but too frightened to go public. #InvestigateDonaldTrump #investigateEpsteinpaedophilering #EnoughIsEnough #protectourchildren … | 20 uur

I am so sorry these ladies were preyed upon and then further traumatized by a corrupt system that was supposed to protect them. Shame on the enablers (@BillGates) of #JeffreyEpstein & @realDonaldTrump & “Prince” Andrew & others. We need justice! | 20 uur

You mean the guy who was friends with #JeffreyEpstein and kept his undies on while getting a handy at a massage parlor? You certainly have a type don't you? | 20 uur

“The heart attack gun” a C.I.A invented weapon that penetrates thru anything and killing you INSTANTLY WITH OUT ANY SIGNS AND LEAVES NO TRACE OF PENETRATION FOR AUTOPSY RESULTS THE AMMO IS CONSIDERED TO GIVE YOU A HEART ATTACK KILLING YOU Instantly #JeffreyEpstein ! | 20 uur

If you don't think our government, @realDonaldTrump should share blame in the whole #JeffreyEpstein fiasco, go listen to #TheMysteriousMrEpstein by @WonderyMedia We, the Sheeple, need to stand up and hold our govt responsible for the absurdity! | 20 uur

Founders News Investigation: “Where’s #JeffreyEpstein’s Money?” | 20 uur

Birds of a feather stick together! #HarveyWeinstein #JeffreyEpstein | 20 uur