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Is jy gereed om jou #SelfieOomblik op die gewilde #AfriSelfie-app te laai? Spog vandag met al jou lekker tye op #AfriSelfie. #SelfieOomblik #AfriSelfie #Jets | 2 uur

Yesterday's episode we discussed JuJu's and AB's draft value, as well we talked #Jets RB's and TE's. Finally we discussed whether owning 2 WR's on the same team is a good idea. Tomorrow we will unveil our top 10 RB's for 2019! Last episode - … | 2 uur

Het jy geweet as jy jou #selfie op die #AfriSelfie-app laai, kan jy vir jou lugtyd koop met die JETS wat jy verdien. Laai vandag die AfriSelfie-app af en probeer dit! #SelfieOomblik #AfriSelfie #Jets | 2 uur

Adam Gase speaks for the first time since #Jets fired Mike Maccagnan | 2 uur

From Up to the Minute Live: The #Jets GM search is going to kick into gear with requests and interviews expected this week... but no, the plans do not involve Peyton Manning at this point. | 2 uur

"He plays the game the way it's supposed to be played." Film study. Work ethic. Leadership. This is what @AlabamaFTBL's Eli Gold thinks of #Jets new LB | 2 uur

Het jy geweet? As jy jou #selfie op #AfriSelfie laai, kan jy JETS verdien. Jy kan jou JETS verruil vir ‘n smullekker wafel by Spur #SelfieOomblik #AfriSelfie #Jets | 2 uur

Vat vandag die kans en word deel van die #AfriSelfie-familie. Al wat jy moet doen is om die #TrotsAfrikaanse selfie-app op die Google Play Store af te laai en dit te begin gebruik. #SelfieOomblik #AfriSelfie #Jets | 2 uur

#jets #hijshokijdenhaag uitslag 0-9 #driedoelpunten | 2 uur

#laatstewedstrijd #toernooi voor mij #seizoen20182019 #chiefsleuven #hijshokij_u8_dex #jets #hijshokijdenhaag uitslag ????? | 2 uur

Am I a bad person for wanting Peyton Manning to get the #Jets GM job? He and Gase would either lead the franchise to the lowest point in its history or 10 straight SB’s. There is no middle ground. Let’s go all in #LifesAGamble @nyjets | 2 uur

Why would you trade LeVeon Bell when you just signed him? Adam Gase #Jets | 2 uur

Het jy geweet jy kan #JETS verdien om by Shoprite, Checkers en Spur te spandeer? Al wat jy moet doen is om jou #selfie op die #AfriSelfie-app te laai! #SelfieOomblik #AfriSelfie #Jets | 2 uur

The #Jets are getting a lot of hate for firing Mike Maccagnan, but the #Chiefs fired John Dorsey in June of 2017—after letting him run free agency and draft Patrick Mahomes. KC has since won two straight AFC West titles... The sky is not falling in | 2 uur

Why Maccagnan was fired in one chart … #Jets | 2 uur

Adam Gase, you have just been named interim GM of the New York #Jets Adam: | 2 uur

Imagine dunking on the guy that overdrafted you in the first place. #Jets | 2 uur

#Jets fired the GM that drafted Christian Hackenberg and Devin Smith and gave Ryan Fitzpatrick 12 million dollars a year. Today is a good day. | 2 uur

You guys wanna see a dead body? #Jets | 2 uur

Let the current state of the #Jets sink in: They 1) Allowed Maccagnan to pick the head coach 2) Allowed Maccagnan to spend all their money in free agency 3) Allowed Maccagnan to run their draft Now they’ve … fired Maccagnan That’s incompetence like I’ve never seen before | 2 uur