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  • Did you know: Aiding & abetting or participating in a fraudulent marriage for the purpose of committing immigration fraud can lead to a loss of citizenship Non-citizens cannot serve in the United States Congress RT if Congress should investigate Ilhan Omar’s immigration fraud
  • Did you know: 10 illegal aliens have been arrested in just over a month in a sanctuary county outside of Washington DC Each of them was charged with rape or sexual assault of a child RT if we should defund any “sanctuary” that continues to allow vicious criminals to run free!
  • Did you know: Granting amnesty to the 3.5 million DACA "Dreamers" would cost US taxpayers an additional $26 billion a year At least 20% would end up on food stamps At least 1/7 would enroll in Medicaid RT if Americans shouldn't be forced to foot the bill for illegal aliens!
  • FAKE STORY! #ImpeachKavanaugh is trending They want him gone because they don’t like Pres @realDonaldTrump Max Steir aka Clinton Attorney Claims to be a witness! Who Calls the FBI 30 yrs later about a college party? RT if you stand with Kavanaugh
  • Those falsely accusing Brett Kavanaugh should be sued, and if found guilty, face the consequences. An example needs to be set, letting the American people know that we have due process in this country, and that there are consequences for libel, slander.

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