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Met NYC-burgemeester Bill de Blasio hebben de Democraten er nog een kansloze kandidaat voor de presidentsnominatie bij. Dit werkt alleen maar in het voordeel van #JoeBiden. | 16 uur

Doet @TimmermansEU hier nu een #JoeBiden-dingetje? … | 16 uur

#JoeBiden on Hyde: -Those of us opposed to abortion should not be compelled to pay for them. -On no fewer than 50 occasions, I voted against federal funding of abortions. May 2019: Joe flip flopped on his support for Hyde but his campaign has not confirmed. #RightToChoose … | 16 uur

You know who had a bigger crowd in Pennsylvania? #JoeBiden | 16 uur

I think we all know who Jeff Daniels is voting for in 2020... Creepy #JoeBiden. | 16 uur

Woman Removes @JoeBiden’s Hands During intro to Speech … #JoeBiden | 16 uur

This nation was born out of the genocide of our indigenous ancestors and slavery by colonizers like you. This is @JoeBiden, an imperialist mother fucker, just whitewashing the history of America pretending to care for " We the (wealthy) People". #JoeBiden #CrimeBill #Racist … | 16 uur

Someone send this picture to that BRAIN DAMAGE #JoeBiden LOOK AT THE DATE!!! | 16 uur

Additionally, this is an important point that @MikeGravel addresses in his criminal justice reform plan that is NEVER discussed in MSM when talking about #JoeBiden & his | 16 uur

uncle #JoeBiden please stop touching the girls | 16 uur

I didn’t come to play with #butterbiscuitsYou can’t be taken seriously when you attack the HONORABLE #ministerlouisfarrakhan who DEFENDS & loves Black people, yet DEFEND R@c!$t #JoeBidenYou may he seated! #vickidillard #angelarye #charlamagnethegod | 16 uur

Democrats have learned nothing from their mistakes, the loss of 1000 seats and the presidency to a racist-misogynist pathological liar and are now doubling down by forcing "middle of the road" #JoeBiden in the game. No thanks. #Bernie2020 | 16 uur

Is There Something Wrong With @JoeBiden #JoeBiden? He Seems To Be SLURRING His Speech A Lot … | 16 uur

Bill Clinton himself has admitted that the 1994 Crime Bill that #JoeBiden adamantly pushed and partially wrote worsened mass incarceration. Joe's trying to rewrite history instead of taking responsibility for it and learning from it...that's not the leadership we need. | 16 uur

#JoeBiden was a senator for 36 years, VP for 8 years, But yet he blames @realDonaldTrump for America's | 16 uur

Senator ⁦@RandPaul⁩: Americans Will Be Shocked To Learn What @JoeBiden's Son Was Up To In Ukraine (VIDEO) … #JoeBiden | 16 uur

why did you give your number to an underage female? #JoeBiden #CreepyUncleJoe | 16 uur

The troubling reason why Joe "Yuan" Biden is so soft on China. #JoeBiden … via @nypost | 16 uur