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My #ComparativePolitics lecture today was about #parliamentarism, so I had #JohnBercow call my students to "Ordeeeeerrrr!" // cc: @MarkBennister | 48 min

#Diplomacia Contundente, respetuoso y educado #JohnBercow: "My wife isn’t my chattel, she’s my wife. She is a private citizen who has her own views and is an independent person. And it has long been known that my wife is a supporter of the Labour Party, so...” … | 48 min

can't help but feel like #johnbercow is a gnome or something with that brexit advert. Just such a big face. Smart move riding the viral wave and leaving parliament to cash in on the hype while its there. | 48 min

Can we not just get #JohnBercow to present #bbcqt from now on? would make it much more enjoyable and maybe he could put mr 80k back in his 5% place? | 48 min

#JohnBercow who is Jewish and has known Corbyn for 22 years would not say this if he didn't genuinely believe it: “I myself have never experienced antisemitism from a member of the Labour Party .... I myself do not believe Jeremy Corbyn is antisemitic". | 48 min

Is it true that #JohnBercow advises #PrinceAndrew on issues of integrity? #democracy | 48 min

Parliament Should Have Safeguards Against Rogue Corrupt Speakers of the House … #johnbercow | 48 min

Will you avoid the @SkyNews election coverage with #johnbercow Please RT for wider sample … | 48 min

Let's all bear in mind Mark Thompson, the former director general of the BBC admitted left wing bias. Jeremy Paxman boasted of it. These are the folks "fact-checking". I'm sure #JohnBercow couldn't do a finer job. | 48 min

Totally love #JohnBercow … | 48 min

Will you avoid the @SkyNews #GeneralElection2019 coverage with #JohnBercow? Vote in our poll … | 48 min

I can’t think of anything more nauseating than watching #johnbercow telling us how important he is! Give us a break Sky, guess I’ll watch another less irritating twit on #BBC, that’s a good night from me! | 48 min

In recognition of the the importance of music therapy in enriching the lives of those who need it most, recently retired Speaker of the House of Commons, Mr #johnbercow had this to say at tonight's | 48 min

I want to see #JohnBercow on #ImACeleb. I want to see an anus eat a kangaroo's anus. Do it little Johnny. You #Remoaner shithead. | 48 min

Thanks #johnbercow … | 48 min

Adam Schiff today #ImpeachmentHearings #order #johnbercow | 48 min

A rare opportunity to meet a witty,intelligent and charming raconteur.........and bump into John Bercow! #johnbercow | 48 min

with @BarackObama , #johnbercow and @donaldtusk out of their posts, what other catastrophy awaits? I know they had to leave but in the same time I'm heartbroken and worried. who's with me? | 48 min