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Fascinant hashtag #juangabriel : un chanteur mexicain mort en 2016 serait finalement ... en vie ! Et mon espagnol LV3 a compris qu’en fait il était juste aux Bahamas (au paradis, quoi) … | 12 h

Que #JuanGabriel kheee | 12 h

The best of de starter month #MarchaFifi #StanLee #Marvel #JuanGabriel #DetectivePikachu | 12 h

This has made me cry out of laugh .. #JuanGabriel #stanLee may both Rest In Peace | 12 h

Did #JuanGabriel fake his death or not ? | 12 h

Juan Gabriel 2: Reborn — This Christmas... Dejame vivir #JuanGabriel | 12 h

Ummmmm...if this #JuanGabriel news is for real, it's about to be the CRAZIEST fucking telenovela of all time. WTF?! | 12 h

Amigos de #JuanGabriel logran juntar las 7 esferas del dragón para devolverlo a la vida #JuanGa #JuanGabrielestavivo #JuanGabrielEstá | 12 h

So Juan Gabriel is trending cuz he's apparently still alive. Just watch, his family is gonna come out saying he's still alive through his voice and they are gonna release an album in December. #JuanGabriel | 12 h

#JuanGabriel "A mí ningún otro cantante gay me va a venir a opacar. Voy a hacer que te olviden de nuevo, Freddie Mercury" *Resucita* | 12 h

Checks Twitter Trending: Me: Do not joke about Juan Gabriel and his death!!! My WHOLE MEXICAN ASS cried for hours and my mom was depressed for months!! #JuanGabriel | 12 h

#JuanGabriel is trying to make a come back and I don’t think my mother can handle him dying again. So stay where you’re at Juanga! | 12 h

To the Ex-manager of Juan Gabriel Just cause you are in need of money doesn't give you the right to slander his memory like this. He was a Star and a Legend and loved be many. Respect his legacy please. @soyjuangabriel #RIP #JuanGabriel | 12 h

Juan Ga faked his death to find out who his real bitches are #JuanGabriel | 12 h

#JuanGabriel is alive?!! | 12 h

I won't believe this until I actually see that he is alive and if he's really returning, then he might as well bring back Jenny Rivera with him #JuanGabriel … | 12 h

De tanto cantar viejo lesbiano, revivimos a Juan Gabriel #JuanGabriel | 12 h

When #JuanGabriel is trending world wide. Wat!? | 12 h

My moms reaction to the news about #JuanGabriel faking his own death | 12 h

Dammit Barry! #JuanGabriel | 12 h