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Ja ja, dit gaat leuk worden :) #JussieSmollett #JussieSmollettHoax … | 8 uur

@JasperColeSays is the crème de la crème of #podcasts. Listen up! #jussiesmollett #BSPN … | 8 uur

"hoeveel vrouwen zijn ongewenst bij hun pussy gegrepen maar durven geen klacht indienen?" Offe....hoeveel vrouwen doen een valse beschuldiging? #JussieSmollett #ChristineBlaseyFord | 8 uur

The two brothers who say they helped #JussieSmollett stage a #racist and homophobic attack against himself sued the #Empire actor’s attorneys, accusing them of #defamation by continuing to insist the brothers carried out a real, bigoted attack on #Smollett. … | 8 uur

#JussieSmollett & #Empire make TV history with first black gay wedding … | 8 uur

Bull, #Jessie forged another letter. #JussieSmollett | 8 uur

Defense team that gratuitously announced this month that #JussieSmollett had gay sex with "homophobic" Osundairo brother today says their client deserves privacy. #CantMakeThisUp | 8 uur

This received National Media converge - it met Media #WhiteSupremacist narrative: “Eatery hit by hate crime again 4 anti-Semitic acts in 5 months” Well it’s a fake. A #JussieSmollett crime. Racism is bad - Fake racist claims are just as bad. Media must cover both equally. | 8 uur

'Empire' cast pens letter in support of #JussieSmollett returning to Fox drama | 8 uur

'I'm standing by him' - #LeeDaniels breaks his silence about the #JussieSmollett scandal | 8 uur

Agreed, but that should apply to anyone reporting a fake crime. #JussieSmollett comes to mind... | 8 uur

By sticking to his story, #JussieSmollett is calling the (black) Chicago Mayor, the (black) Cook Cty St Atty, the (black) PD Chief, and the (black) alleged attackers...LIARS! Gonna be challenging for Jussie to whip out the race card, but, hey, if anybody can, it's the gay Tupac. | 8 uur

"We have sat back & watched lie-after-lie being fabricated about us in the media only so one big lie could continue to have life." The brothers who were paid to attack #JussieSmollett are now suing his attorneys for defamation. | 8 uur

Breaking: The brothers involved in #JussieSmollett hoax are suing his lawyers for defamation. After the charges were dropped, his counsel did a media tour in which she stated the brothers were indeed involved in criminal battery & may have worn whiteface. … | 8 uur

BREAKING: The Osundairo brothers have filed a defamation suit against #JussieSmollett lawyers @markgeragos and Tina Glandianin federal court in Chicago. Read the full complaint here: … | 8 uur

Is there any chance, after the independent investigation is completed, that #JussieSmollett could be charged again for the hoax? #JussieSmollettHoax | 8 uur

Looking like the real thing. No #JussieSmollett stuff... … | 8 uur

“Our source who has worked closely with the office says, that this could be what he sees as an exodus of the Feds” #KimFoxx #JussieSmollett | 8 uur

Breaking: Kim Foxx’s chief ethics officer April Perry has resigned. Foxx heavily cited Perry as the person who instructed her to “recuse” herself from #JussieSmollett case. | 8 uur

Prosecutor @SAKimFoxx, who communicated w/#JussieSmollett’s family, had said she recused herself. Newly released texts show she was still involved & told colleagues charges were too harsh. She & her supporters say the scrutiny on her is due to racism. … | 8 uur