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Well, this is weird ... "[...] the head of the #JussieSmollett investigation, has been reassigned and is the target of an internal investigation after leading Indiana State Police on a high speed chase last month." … | 18 uur

Auntie Kamala, please help me find a job since I helped you with your anti-lynching bill. #JussieSmollett  | 18 uur

What was her stance on #JussieSmollett? … | 18 uur

Last year you called @realDonaldTrump and his supporters racist. You were suspended and forced to apologize. You have yet to condemn #jussiesmollett, the racist hoaxter. You have no standing on this topic. | 18 uur

Right! You and your hater buddy, #JussieSmollett. Lying just makes you look more bigoted than we all already know you are, Reverend. | 18 uur

He is trash, and always has been. I will also not forget his over the top faux outrage over #JussieSmollett. The Obama's should stay clear of him. | 18 uur

Video Places #JussieSmollett And ‘Attackers’ At Scene Of Alleged Hoax: Jussie Smollett and the Osundairo brothers had multiple close encounters the night of the alleged attack.  #lgbtq #blacktwitter #nigerianbrothers #osundairobrothers | 18 uur

So, the minority vice chair of Ga democrats claims she was racially attacked for having 15 items in the 10 item grocery line. In the day and age of technology.. no cell vid? No store vid? No witnesses? #IStandwithErica kinda like standing with #JussieSmollett ? | 18 uur

#JussieSmollett : "Now that's how you perpetrate a racist hoax!" #IStandWithErica : "Hold my beer!" | 18 uur

To sum up the #HateHoax America: Wow, I can't believe #JussieSmollett would fake something like that. It was terrible, but at least it's out of our system and we know that nobody would be stupid enough to try that again. #EricaThomas: Hold my | 18 uur

I mean she lied man, her story don't even add up #JussieSmollett | 18 uur

Okay #JussieSmollett..........Calm down and enjoy your Subway sandwich. | 18 uur

Expect Federal charges against #JussieSmollett | 18 uur

Im convinced #JussieSmollett and #EricaThomas were hired by white racists #kgb | 18 uur

Is #JussieSmollett going to be one of them? Seems about right. I mean your life is one big hoax. | 18 uur

@itsericathomas Turns out it was a hoax, again. #JussieSmollett | 18 uur

#JussieSmollett IS A FRAUD... | 18 uur

It is #JussieSmollett !! | 18 uur

#EricaThomas is the new #JussieSmollett | 18 uur

Be fake thirsty bitch like #JussieSmollett #ThingsYoullNeverSeeMeDo | 18 uur