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It’s Pomegranate time in #Kabul. Best time of the year | 20 uur

Bij twee afzonderlijke zelfmoordaanslagen van de Taliban, in #Kabul en #Parwan, werden in totaal 48 mensen gedood en raakte 80 anderen gewond waaronder veiligheidstroepen, vrouwen en kinderen. | 20 uur

NSA @hmohib attended Afghan #Peace International Conference in #Kabul. While terming peace a critical need for Afghans and the region, he called for ending of other countries’ interventions that sponsor terrorism and fuel the war in Afghanistan. (1/2) | 20 uur

Eight years ago today, #Afghanistan's former President Burhanuddin Rabbani was assassinated by a Taliban suicide bomber at his home in #Kabul. Bomber had hidden his explosives in his turban and had feigned interest in peace. Photo: Rabbani in Rawalpindi, #Pakistan in | 20 uur

Alongwith Central President ANP Asfandyar Wali Khan, General Secretary Mian Iftikhar Hussain called on Ex-President Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai @KarzaiH in #Kabul this evening after the conclusion of | 20 uur

'War can kill a group of people, but climate can kill everyone'... 3000+ people die /year in #Kabul from air pollution. In winter, without electricity, burning tyres & trash creates toxic air. Brave students joined the global #ClimateStrike in Kabul today.. | 20 uur

“He was a warrior—an accomplished, respected, and loved Special Forces Soldier that will never be forgotten.” The #Pentagon identified Sgt. 1st Class Jeremy Griffin as the #GreenBeret killed in action in an operation outside #Kabul. … | 20 uur

Map of control in #Afghanistan #Taliban-skin #kabul regime-black turquoise-contested 18 years after 9/11 and wasting 1 trillion dollars...and killing .5 million Afghans and losing over 100,000 US troops to PTSD related suicides and KIAs...this is where that Orange head has come | 20 uur

#Afghanistan is the world’s deadliest conflict. Fatalities in August were 3 times higher than in Syria or Yemen, said @ACLEDINFO Deadliest provinces were Ghazni (232 killed in 66 attacks), Balkh (179 killed in 56 attacks), #Kabul (146 killed in 16 attacks), reported the BBC. | 20 uur

Strongly condemn #Taliban attacks today in #Kabul and #Charikar. They murdered dozens of fellow #Afghans – the very people they claim to support. The #Taliban should listen to the #Afghan people’s call for peace and renounce violence. | 20 uur

Taliban again targeted civilians in #Kabul and #Parwan. “I strongly condemn the Taliban murder today of fellow Afghan men, women and children, including at an election rally. #NATO supports the ANDSF in their fight against terrorism,” NATO @NicholasK111 said. | 20 uur

bloody day in #Afghanistan. At least 46 people were killed in two separate attacks, one in #Kabul and the other in neighboring #Parwan. Nearly 80 were also wounded. Taliban took responsibility of both attacks. | 20 uur

#Afghanistan: The Embassy has learned that terrorist groups & individuals are seeking to increase attacks on Americans and others living/working in #Kabul International Zone. Carefully consider all potential travel & limit trips only to those necessary. | 20 uur

Breaking! Explosion in #Kabul, PD. | 20 uur

Bomb blast that went off in #Kabul occurred near the Green Zone, where the Defense Ministry, U.S. embassy, and NATO headquarters are located. No claim of responsibility so far. But blast is close to Taliban bombing that killed 12 people on September 5. #Afghanistan | 20 uur

"Music is not to escape war but to understand it, to express how it is wrong and unjust. WATCH brilliant 19 year old @ArsonFahim #Kabul composer pianist conductor #Afghanistan  | 20 uur

In #Afghanistan’s capital, #Kabul, dozens of young Afghan women and men hit the streets for global #climate change strike yesterday. photo via social | 20 uur