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  • Does anyone else think Justin Trudeau is running the country like a high school student council?
  • Your video fails to show what happens before the officer pulled the person to the ground. Fails to present any kind of context. If you're going to hate on those who protect you on a daily basis, at least have your evidence filmed on something other than a potato.
  • Yes after flying to Tofino for a weekend Jolly Trudeau seems blissfully oblivious to the fact that Canadians see this as hypocrisy. You really couldn't make the stuff he does up!
  • Oh. By the way. How’s the “Coverup” goin’ eh ?? Canadians know corruption runs very deep. @rcmpgrcpolice not investigating because Trudeau named Brenda Lucki as Canada's 1st permanent female RCMP commissioner. Which company is on bidder short list for the TransMountain Pipeline?
  • On SNC-Lavalin @janephilpott said, "Some have criticized me & Jody as being naive, as not understanding how things are done. Those critics failed to realize that the way things have always been done may not meet the standard of what Canadians expect from their political leaders."

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