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  • This is an absolutely heartless response. There aren’t even politics involved. Just good American families losing their homes as you tweet, evacuating into shelters. …
  • There’s a lot of unknowns tonight... but what we do know is we are here for you and as a community we will help in any way possible. Immense gratitude to all the brave first responders out there putting their lives on the line for so many families. #CaliforniaFires
  • "I don't want prayers. I don't want thoughts. I want gun control." Susan Orfanos says her son, Telemachus Orfanos, survived last year's Las Vegas mass shooting but did not survive the massacre at a Thousand Oaks
  • #GunReformNow
  • did it for the sticker...amongst other things... #IVOTED @manthony783 …

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