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Toni Nadal: "@NickKyrgios moet worden gestraft voor zijn gedrag": … #tennis #nieuws #pro #atp #atptour #kyrgios #nadal | 3 uur

Veelbesproken #Kyrgios meldt zich af voor #RolandGarros Da's mooi *** Blijf vernieuwen!. @scorito … (via @NUnl) | 3 uur

Skuimkop: #Kyrgios #tennis se skandvlek. … | 3 uur

I’ve seen more headlines about Nick #Kyrgios pulling out of matches and making a dick of himself, than winning tennis matches. Good riddance! Worst Aussie player in our history of tennis, and I’m talking about Nick as a person not just his tennis serve. #NicksADick | 3 uur

What a bigoted cow. I grew up Greek and def wasn't spoilt. Why does everyone give #Kyrgios crap? John McEnroe, Hewitt, Djokovic, Nadal etc were never treated like this for their attitude, in fact praised as bad boys of tennis. I wonder why.. Hmm … | 3 uur

ICYMI: Nick Kyrgios has withdrawn from the #FrenchOpen citing illness as the reason. This comes just days after Kyrgios said the tournament “sucks” and the courts at #RolandGarros were “so bad” #Kyrgios | 3 uur

#kyrgios is so emotional, he should BE French. In fact, can we give him to France? No take backsies, though. | 3 uur

#tennis news #FrenchOpen2019 #RolandGarros2019 #Norrie faces qualifier in Paris after #Kyrgios withdrawal via @SportfusionApps … | 3 uur

Well, since #French Open sucks, can't wait to hear the reason #Kyrgios withdrew #RG19 … | 3 uur

yeeeaaahhhhhh good news - no French Open after calling the tournament "shit"- au revoir #Kyrgios and hopefully good bye for all other tournaments forever too | 3 uur

Honestly tired of him. Spoilt, ungrateful brat. Honestly I would love to make a living playing tennis at the highest level v legends of the game but all #Kyrgios does is complain & throw temper tantrums. He’s that kid who picks up his ball & goes when he doesn’t get his way #RG19 | 3 uur

Kyrgios said to be suffering from “clayitis”; most common symptom being an aversion to playing on clay. In severe cases can lead to foul language, and irrational/offensive behaviour. Federer suffered from a chronic but mild case of the same illness between 2016-2018. #Kyrgios … | 3 uur

#Kyrgios has withdrawn from the French Open Great news for Norrie!!!! #BackTheBrits | 3 uur

A week after having declared that #RG19 "stinks", Nick #Kyrgios got off the second Grand Slam of the year. New opportunity to Cameron #Norrie or a lucky loser or a player of the qualy. (Instagram: k1ngkyrg1os) | 3 uur

Nick Kyrgios withdraws from the French Open and I’m not surprised! Disappointed but not surprised! @rolandgarros #RG19 #kyrgios | 3 uur

A few days after declaring that the French Open 'absolutely sucks', Nick #Kyrgios has reportedly pulled out of the tournament. No NK at #RG19 - will he be missed? … | 3 uur

Off the wall, slightly wild and inevitably unpopular prediction: Andy Murray will play doubles with Nick Kyrgios at Wimbledon. #Murray #Kyrgios | 3 uur

"The French Open sucks. Get rid of clay, man." Nick #Kyrgios not exactly thrilled to play the upcoming French Open next week... Read more > | 3 uur

Nick #Kyrgios says the French Open 'sucks' less than a week before he's set to play the French Open... Read & watch > | 3 uur

Remember, is his opinion #Kyrgios #RG19 … | 3 uur