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@piersmorgan verteld precies waarom het gedrag van #labour en de Burgemeester van #Londen Sadiq Khan onbeschoft was. … | 2 uur

Tijd voor sociaal-democratie om zichzelf opnieuw uit te vinden. Haast is geboden #PvdA #SPD #Labour #PS #Europa … | 2 uur

This is what a true statesman looks like. Imagine a PM who doesn't drag us into every war the #US manufactures. Imagine a PM who demands credible evidence before throwing accusations, who seeks diplomacy rather than military intervention. We could have such a PM. Vote #Labour. | 2 uur

I very rarely talk about #TonyBlair but; he’s a war criminal jointly responsible for a million deaths and the co-parent of #ISIS he fooled the world as Middle East “Peace Envoy” and nearly murdered the #Labour Party. He deregulated the banks and left us up to the lips in PFI debt | 2 uur

Back into Saturday morning surgeries @Naheedkirklees #labour | 2 uur

I couldn’t care less about Corbyn but people who are trying to now say that Tony Blair’s Labour government were wonderful need their head examining. It was a government that helped create the housing inequality that has left generations behind #blair #corbyn #labour | 2 uur

We haven’t had a #Labour government for over 40 years. Blair was & still is a Tory bastard. | 2 uur

Lord Sugar said Boris Johnson should be in jail because of his #Brexit lies, he now wants him to be the next PM b/c it's in his interest, this greedy, selfish attitude is the hallmark of tory Britain, fuck this we need Mr.Corbyn like in 1945 we needed Clement Attlee #Labour | 2 uur

Seems a lot of support for #labour under every destructive tweet you make though #matgarethodge Funny that, think I'll take that opinion over YouGov | 2 uur

Zie hier hoe democratie werkt. Volgens #GuyVerhofstadt zou May's stafchef Gavin Barwell hebben gezegd dat hun strategie was om #Labour en hard #Brexiteers Votes' te KOPEN bij een 2de stemmig om tot een deal te komen. … #bribery | 2 uur

I had the pleasure of meeting with a marvellous group of UK Somali @UKLabour Councillors. The Somali community in the UK is becoming politically active & we are engaging well with the #Labour leadership, @jeremycorbyn. Thank u all 4 attending the meeting this evening. | 2 uur

Must be very disheartening for the #Labour frontbench to have successfully got the backing of other opposition parties & Tory rebels, only to be thwarted by 8 Labour MPs shamelessly voting against: K.Barron, RCampbell, J.Fitzpatrick, C.Flint, S.Hepburn, KHoey, J.Mann, G.Stringer … | 2 uur

Eight @UKLabour MPs voted to keep a #NoDealBrexit on the table today, 17 abstained, I hope their constituents remember this when the austerity they are going through now more than doubles, do they think the tories will fund these areas? You utter bastards, you're not #Labour. | 2 uur

A toast to the EIGHT #labour MP’s who voted with the government to prevent #Labours plan to stop a no deal | 2 uur

To their huge credit 10 Con MPs put the country first & voted for a #Labour motion to stop #NoDealBrexit They were badly let down by too many Labour MPs who made the wrong choice … | 2 uur

I have a dream! The #Tories pick #RoryStewart, #Labour gets rid of #Corbyn and picks Yvette Cooper and the #LibDems go for #JoSwinson. #Article50 is revoked on the promise of a second referendum following a citizens’ assembly and a national debate I HAVE A DREAM!!! Who’s with me? | 2 uur

This picture was taken today at Tel Aviv beach in what the #Labour and #BDS liars and idiots would have you believe is the apartheid state of #Israel all people all faiths all | 2 uur

Het is adembenemend om het kader van #Labour het aantoonbare #antisemitisme van #Corbyn onder het tapijt te horen schuiven zoals nu in #politicslive van de #BBC | 2 uur

#Labour has support ‘across the country’, especially in areas of high postal voting fraud. … | 2 uur

For those saying this was a bad night for the @brexitparty_uk #Labour is down 17.2% , the #Conservatives down 25.4% , #BrexitParty up 28.9% #Peterborough | 2 uur