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  • For me to get this $ 2000 drone above ground & capture the beauty of Kenya , my government insists that it will charge me $10000 for a licence . That money can buy me 5 similar drones surely . Just why do they hate young people so much ?
  • This election is another inflection point. Boris Johnson didn’t just lie. The billionaire who owns the greatest manipulation machine the world has ever seen allowed him to spread those lies at scale. These tools now in the hands of men who see their power & will not give them
  • This is not the worst. Worst is yet to come. But a story: 2 months ago, I hit deep low. Realised: journalism had failed. Authorities had failed. Politics had failed. I think: fuck that shit. The EUref was illegally conducted. That’s just fact. And one day, it will matter
  • Yeltsin spoke with the labored cadence of a tired man. “I said that we would leap from the gray, stagnating totalitarian past into a bright, prosperous, and civilized future,” he said @NewYorker 
  • Wondering why there are Muslim protests allover India on the news ? Spoke to @RoncliffeOdit for @bbcswahili #DiraYaDunia . Listen in from 35th minute. Hope my swahili reportage has not been affected by being out here . @sikenye @Salym @alykhansatchu …

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