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  • YA ALLAH YA RASOOL BENAZIR BEQASOOR No offshore company in name of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir
  • I think it would be Khan who gains from it. Coz @BBhuttoZardari has proven himself beyond any doubt that he's much more sensible and mature than this bully @ImranKhanPTI who only knows bad mouthing, accusing and sexist slurs. …
  • But how did @BBhuttoZardari managed to get under the skin of @ImranKhanPTI? The latter - clearly a sexist and misogynist - appears to be really really insecure because of the former. Great job BBZ!
  • So it seems that @BBhuttoZardari ‘s speech in the parliament hit the raw nerve[s]. The reaction is typical flaunting of toxic hyper masculinity. You could have done better PM Khan. You are encouraging this poor discourse as your followers promote ugly hashtags
  • Corruption in Pakistan was started through allotment of evacuees properties. Gen Wajid Ali Burki was the chairman. He gave away huge properties to his relatives. Zaman Park properties were given to Imran Khan's mother by him. #Parchiproperties of #PMSelect

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