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  • Sorry for my English translation: I think it's less poetic than the official one, but takes more into account the ancient greek (This is how it's famous: "There is no new thing under the sun. Everything is stereotyped, everything fleeting")
  • Oύδέν καινόν: πάντα καί συνήθη καί όλιγοχρόνια. Non v'é nulla di nuovo: tutto si ripete, e ha breve durata. There's nothing new: everything repeats itself and lasts a little. (Marcus Aurelius, "Meditations", book 7, #1)
  • For those who've asked, the service for @jon_krumins is Saturday: … In lieu of flowers, we encourage donations to an education fund for his beloved nephews. Donations can be made via credit card or bitcoin (BTC) here:
  • Run *your* own #bitcoin full node. Not a typo, not a Mir's tweet
  • Not your node, not your rules. Run you own #bitcoin full node. …

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