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  • Don't be a fan of a celebrity who doesn't even know you. Be a fan of Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ who cried for you over 1400 year's ago.
  • ख्वाहिशों का मोहल्ला बहुत बड़ा होता है, बेहतर यही है की हम ज़रूरतों की गली में मुड़ जाएँ....!!!!
  • Be matlab Be fizool Bekaar nahi hai .. Naye dour Kay rishte hai Saheb Bus wafadaar nahi hai ....
  • वो करते है हमें नजर अन्दाज तो बुरा मत मान ऐ दिल........ टूटकर चाहने वालो को सताना रिवाज है मोहब्बत का........
  • Yogi's UP, Gorakhpur One more rape and murder. A 7yo girl was raped and killed by 57yo Vinod Rai aka Pappu Rai. Vinod took this kid to a hut and raped her when she started screaming he killed her. Where is Modia and Nationalists twitter?? No Outrage? WHY?

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