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  • Don't be a fan of a celebrity who doesn't even know you. Be a fan of Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ who cried for you over 1400 year's ago.
  • जब वक़्त करवट लेता हैं ना,दोस्तों... तो बाजियाँ नहीं, जिंदगियाँ पलट जाती है..!
  • 20. Govt to lift ban on purchase of new vehicles to replace old ones 21. Scrappage policy to be revisited #NirmalaSitharaman
  • 17. Revision of one time registration: deferred till June 2020 18. All vehicles acquired from now till Mar 2020 will enjoy additional 15% depreciation 19. EVs & Internal Combustion vehicles shall continue to be registered
  • 14. INFRASTUCTURE : Delayed payment from Govt to infra players shall be cleared asap & looked into asap & payment released 15. After Arbitration: 75% of Awards shall be released 16. AUTO Sector: BS IV vehicles purchased till 2020 March shall remain operational till registration

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