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#neverforget toen Appie in het huis Anubis door een grot ging, gecursed werd en terugkwam als een black guy gahahagaha a classic | 14 uur

WTC steel beams. #NeverForget | 14 uur

56 years ago today...#AmericanTerror #NeverForget #RacismKills | 14 uur

It’s still #SaveTheOA! #NeverForget | 14 uur

#neverforget that time I asked my bf ‘is that guy really called Terry Handshake?’ | 14 uur

Despite the Continuous attacks against the youth, thousands of students stormed Luneta to stand up against the return of the Marcoses and Historical Revisionism. #NeverAgain #NeverForget | 14 uur

Can't believe it's 20 years since the Moon was blown out of Earth orbit. It still freaks my nut out to this day. #NeverForget | 14 uur

Rest In Peace Mandeville City PD Captain Vincent “Vinny” Liberto, Jr. who was shot & killed LOD on 9/20/19. He leaves behind a wife & 7 children. He was a former @USMC Marine. Please retweet to honor him #BlueLivesMatter #BackTheBlue #StopKillingUs #NeverForget | 14 uur

The family that should just go to hell and stay there #NeverForget | 14 uur

To commemorate and honor the memory of UP's best and brightest who struggled against dictatorship and despotism, the University opens this year’s #UPDayofRemembrance2019 with the theme, “Dambana ng Paggunita at Pagtutuos sa Batas Militar ni Marcos.” #NeverAgain #NeverForget | 14 uur

Periodic reminder that Obado is still free and powerful after killing Sharon Otieno exactly a year ago. #NeverForget | 14 uur

My followers! I KNOW we can make this happen! Let’s get this account to 1M by 1/27/2020! ESPECIALLY in these times — #NeverForget. … | 14 uur

The youngest reported victim of the war on drugs is a 3-year-old-kid. Hundreds of minors have been killed already since the campaign launched. Photo taken during the Martial Law youth rally on September 20, 2019 for the Benildean Press Corps. 
#NeverAgain #NeverForget | 14 uur

Remember, remember, the 21st of September! #NeverForget | 14 uur

Insane apologists claim that white nationalism has no impact on Black people. Tell that to the family members of 9 Black people gunned down by a white supremacist while peacefully worshipping inside the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston SC. #NeverForget … | 14 uur

It may be difficult, but @AuschwitzMuseum is the most important account I've ever followed. I urge everyone to do the same. Visiting the #HolocaustMuseum in Israel was a horrific, life altering experience exhibiting man's inhumanity to mankind. We ALL must #NeverForget. … | 14 uur

"Death shall not unclench me. I am earth, wind, and sea! Kisses bestow on the brave. That defy the damp of the grave. And strike the chill hand of. Death with the flaming sword of love. Orion stirs. The vulture. Retreats from the hard, pure" #NeverAgain #NeverForget | 14 uur

Your school system could never-- #UPDayofRemembrance2019 #NeverAgain #NeverForget | 14 uur

It's our obligation to be vigilant on any forms of historical revisionism and continue voice out the truth of the Marcos regime. #NeverForget | 14 uur

Things I live for: Axel’s dance moves #skamfrance #axelauriant #neverforget | 14 uur