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  • The Cantillon effect: "the first ones to receive the newly created money see their incomes rise, whereas the last ones to receive the newly created money see their purchasing power decline as consumer price inflation comes about." … …
  • The first step is to read @NickSzabo4, each article is like 6 months of university! • What is Money:  • Trusted Third Parties are Security Holes: … • Social Scalability: … • Property: …
  • Apr 11th 1919: Money has lost its value due to “commercial stagnation” in Russia. “Clothing, books, socks, tools, machinery, necessities for the household… even a pile of rubles will not bring them to the door. They do not exist in Siberia."
  • The year is 2150: Bitcoin turns out to be insecure without block rewards. A market emerges, however, for the individual hashes being produced like @NickSzabo4’s Bit Gold. They are packaged and traded in a DEX contract within bitcoin. Merchants accept “standard hash units” now.
  • Transgender "woman" who still had "her" penis arrested for raping a woman placed into a female prison...sexually assaults four female prisoners within days. …

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