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#WanderingStar van #NoelGallagher zijn #HighFlyingBirds brengt je volledig in de stemming voor Kerstmis! … | 2 uur

"I admit you're selling more records & tickets than me,but if you think il join you after insulting my wife, you're an idiot, stupider than you look." #NoelGallagher Nov 2019 Defending his wife,Noel said his brother's comments to his wife were destroying the chances of a reunion | 2 uur

When you are dead, you don't know that you are dead. It's only difficult for other people. Same as when your stupid, remarks, #NoelGallagher | 2 uur

To #NoelGallagher, 'drink responsibly' means to make sure not to spill it. (Especially not in church) | 2 uur

Just watched an absolute legend perform in Adelaide. Came just to hear you sing Noel #noelgallagher | 2 uur

Bagman & The Chief #NoelGallagher | 2 uur

#ImSoSickAndTiredOf fans fighting over #NoelGallagher and #LiamGallagher "Can't we all just get along?" Rodney | 2 uur

When #NoelGallagher goes to record his new album, he knows we will all suffer from a lack of vitamin ME | 2 uur

People rarely say things that hurt #NoelGallagher's feelings because he's too busy thinking about himself and not listening. | 2 uur

Sometimes #NoelGallagher just sits and thinks, "Fuck, I've been through a lot of shit!" | 2 uur

#NoelGallagher hates that awkward moment when someone who always starts drama, says that they hate drama. | 2 uur

Fun Fact: On #NoelGallagher's resume, it states that he has extensive experience in dealing with idiots. | 2 uur

This weekend #NoelGallagher plans to only move enough, so as people know he is still alive. | 2 uur

#NoelGallagher's new abode, and it has a bat infestation in the attic. Could you get more lucky? | 2 uur

All #NoelGallagher cares about is beer and like 4 people. | 2 uur

This is because it's #Friday. The second in the set of #NoelGallagher making people crazy with his mouth. | 2 uur

#NoelGallagher only drinks twice a year. | 2 uur

#NoelGallagher's new band in 2020 | 2 uur

'BLUE MOON RISING EP' track list 1) Blue Moon Rising 2) Wandering Star 3) Come On Outside 4) Blue Moon Rising (The Reflex Revision) 5) Blue Moon Rising (7" Mix) #NoelGallagher | 2 uur

"Come On Outside" will be included on the Blue Moon Rising EP, available March 6, 2020! #BlueMoonRisinvEP #NoelGallagher | 2 uur