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  • We asked 16 writers to bring consequential moments in African-American history to life for the #1619Project. Here is a literary timeline of African-American history, told through original poetry and fiction. 
  • Our tech correspondent @CadeMetz visited offices around the world where workers are doing the endlessly repetitive work needed to teach AI systems: "What I saw didn’t look very much like the future — or at least the automated one you might imagine." 
  • Many structures are created with an eye toward everlasting life. But this pair of artists had a more literal, if whimsical, take: They purported to believe that their structures could actually allow their inhabitants to live forever. 
  • Bachelorette parties can sometimes mean pockets of people who might never, under ordinary circumstances, share bathrooms or party together. Here's how to make sure it's fun. 
  • Sheet-pan pancakes. That’s the tweet. 

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  • Journalist (1929-2009)
  • William Safire was a writer whose column "On Language" was a long-running feature of The New York Times Magazine.
  • Birthed in New York City in 1929, William Safire invested his early profession as a speechwriter and public relations author, additionally working as a special aide to Head of state Richard Nixon. He joined The New York Times as a Washington-based columnist in 1973 and also won a 1978 Pulitzer Reward for his discourse.

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