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Cena inaugural!!! Thanks sooo much #PaulRyan He is an American politician who served as the 54th speaker of the USA House of Representatives from October 2015 to January 2019. He was also the 2012 VP nominee of the Republican Party, running unsuccessfully alongside Mitt Romney | 7 uur

Watching #PaulRyan | 7 uur

#PaulRyan BEWARE!!! … | 7 uur

@JudgeJeanine did #paulryan make you quit your #openingstatement? | 7 uur

And then we will have a tell all book that condemns trump in one sentence. #PaulRyan | 7 uur

i want are pickled plums and hot rice why is #PaulRyan even being interviewed? As if he has anything productive to say. #byegirl | 7 uur

I really like Charlie Sykes but he was a big fan of #PaulRyan too. That didn't turn out well. … | 7 uur

Hmm...@realDonaldTrump would you like me to remind you of some of the things you said about #PaulRyan before he skedaddled out of town? … | 7 uur

Remember when we all sent flip-flops to #PaulRyan? God, it seems like a lifetime ago... | 7 uur

Thanks to #PaulRyan and the #GOPTaxCut better known as #GOPTaxScam … | 7 uur

Are you guys kidding me? Why isn’t that question asked of the entire #gop ? How is it that you’ve got amnesia of the former speaker #PaulRyan, the supposed intellectual finance wunderkind and deficit hawk - who did shit for shit to address it? Or blowing it up with tax giveaway? | 7 uur

I always liked Paul Ryan... it's a shame he stopped... being Paul Ryan. #PaulRyan | 7 uur

@RandPaul your fault mr fiscal responsibility along with #PaulRyan … | 7 uur

So sad. #Trump #PaulRyan has tried to go town to | 7 uur

The #Numerology Reading and Forecasts for #PaulRyan are available at … | 7 uur

@FoxNews has become CNN light under the influence of the RINO piece of shit #PaulRyan … | 7 uur

Let’s be truthful, “this #Farmer is happy to live off the govt welfare.” #PaulRyan would be so proud of how the Repubs have turned farming to a socialist industry. Excuse the pun, he said it himself “his wife is bringing in the bacon. He’s just collecting the govt cheese! | 7 uur