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If this is all I Will hear from #PeterObi ,it's enough. Game on!!! … | 2h

Osibajo: Sir I have checked Peter Obi's file There's no corruption issues and he can enter US Buhari: Tell Nigerians he's the same Peter that denied Jesus 3 times #peterObi | 2h

Efcc digging files for Peter obi. #peterobi | 2h

The little I know about Ex-Gov #PeterObi is a confirmation that better Nigeria is Near! ...Am still watching... | 2h

Wise man. You picking #peterobi was the best choice. 2019 will be hurt. | 2h

This got me cracking. Lol. #Atiku #PeterObi way forward. God bless Nigeria | 2h

Atikulate Obi!!! The train is moving #peterobi | 2h

"#PeterObi's voice lacks weight, it is soft like silence, almost weightless, almost like a whisper but his achievements speak quite loudly and eloquently for him." - Ray Ekpu | 2h

Those encouraging #Biafrans to vote for #Atiku because he chose #PeterObi never know how desperate #Britain can be when they are in need of resources. #Obi's selection is a bait to halt the #Biafran restoration. On election boycott we stand | 2h

Now Nigerians await the allegations that would be cooked up against Peter Obi, a former governor of Anambra state who is running alongside @atiku for new leadership. This is an #AtikulatedObi #Atikulated move. #PeterObi, they would find and never see. Abi? @akaebube | 2h

These Igbos will always shoot themselves in the foot because of pride, you should be grateful that the rest of us are willing to deal with you. #PeterObi @atiku #VP @OfficialPDPNig | 2h

Osinbajo was also well liked! He also had sweet words. He did a tech tour. He spoke at numerous church events. But we all saw what it was, a ploy for your votes without any actual policies. Insanity: Doing the same thing again and again, expecting different results #PeterObi | 2h

We can't allow anyone to further force the unworkable unity of Nigeria on us anymore. #Atiku and #PeterObi can't have our mandate,all we want is Biafra referendum. | 2h

DO YOU WANT? *Quality granite/marble finishing,  *Qualityexterior floor/wall design,  for your home @ the best affordable prices? If yes, We base in abuja Contact us now. Call/ Whats app:-07081301132 #Atiku #OnlyAfricanParents #PeterObi | 2h

#PeterObi. Osita Chidoka Explains the the misunderstanding. No one against Peter Obi as Atiku’s VP. PDP chances. … | 2h

Wait for @APCNigeria's write up next week about #PeterObi and see if u will still celebrate him | 2h

Reasons Atiku picked Peter Obi as running mate #2019election #AtikuAbubakar #GbengaDaniel #PeterObi … | 2h

All of you following ⁦@Peter__Obi⁩ hope you know it’s a “fake” account. It’s even clearly shown on the bio yet thousands of people are “rushing him” #peterobi | 2h

#PeterObi is a sellable material but his choice, politically, is not good for #PDP. Already,#Atiku is in deficit of votes in the North. He is from NE, while PMB is from NW. He should ve complemented his deficit with a higher voting popn of d SW #2019Elections | 2h

Even #Buhari him self can not defend his own certificate in same court of law. #BuhariMustGo Vote #Atiku/#PeterObi #LetsGetNigeriaWorkingAgain | 2h