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  • How can I be so drunk yesterday I pretended to be a bouncer while my girls were busy talking to guys
  • Since we’re ditching plastic straws, can we bring these bad boys back?
  • dude in the back is ready to risk it all... …
  • plastic grocery bag that in no way could hold my weight: ___ ___ | |________| | | | | have a | | ☻ | | nice day | |______________| me as a child, standing on top of the couch: 𝐩â𝐫åç𝐡ü𝐭ê
  • what up we’re 5 White Dudes in a Band, this is our drummer Mustache SticknPoke, our bassist NailPolish Earring, lead singer Denim Glasses, and 2 guys named Matt. Altogether we have 3 famous dads, 6 DUIs, and 4 pics of us on a couch outside.Our EP ‘My ex is crazy’ out on bandcamp

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