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Spot on @davidallengreen. The utterly dismissive response of @theresa_may when I raised the impending #DeniedMyVote disaster at #PMQs on Wednesday is typical of the response MPs receive when we raise concerns about #EUcitizens rights after #Brexit … | 22 uur

Theresa May could've instructed all polling stations to have UC1 forms available today. Joanna Cherry asked her to at #PMQs yesterday & she refused. UK could also have waived the need for this additional form. May was asked to do that a month ago & refused. Its a deliberate act. … | 22 uur

There’s something very rotten at the heart of British politics when #EU citizens resident here are being denied their right to vote. I raised this with @theresa_may at #PMQs yesterday but she has done nothing. I won’t let it lie #EUElections2019 #Brexit #FBPE … | 22 uur

Just a reminder of how the propagandist from #PoliticsLive, the pompous and supercilious @Jo_Coburn gets owned by Ken Loach. "Quizzical ... is this your objectivity?" #PMQs | 22 uur

#NothingHasChanged so let's remind ourselves of how the economist Yanis Varoufakis described Theresa May's brexit deal. And today at #PMQs she had the nerve to threaten us all with a no deal brexit again if her crappy deal is not accepted. | 22 uur

Wonderful performance by Joanna Cherry asking the PM if she concedes that her successor will need a less sneering and more conciliatory approach to Scotland. #PMQs | 22 uur

English Labour MP says to me walking on way to #PMQs "This country is teetering - you guys should move to your independence soon" #indyref2 | 22 uur

Today a UN report condemned Universal Credit, a policy that has driven my constituents to debt, despair and destitution. But rather than reverse social security cuts, the DWP is spending public money on a misleading PR campaign. I challenged the PM on this today #PMQs | 22 uur

Today, not a word was said by @jeremycorbyn in #PMQs about #Brexit Yet tomorrow the European Elections take place No surprise then that, according to YouGov, the #LibDems have overtaken Labour. Our message is simple: vote #LibDems to #StopBrexit. | 22 uur

When the wealth of the richest 1,000 people has increased by £50 billion in the last year alone, don’t tell us the money isn’t there for our children’s schools. #PMQs | 22 uur

Theresa May laughs at Jeremy Corbyn when he tells her that Govt squandered what they inherited - like Sure Start centres and he warns, "It has squandered the future for so many of our children." #PMQs | 22 uur

My 16 year old is currently doing her GCSEs. It's cost me over £200 for books alone. Her older siblings study material cost me nothing. Don't tell me there's 'record funding in education' @theresa_may You're a liar! #PMQs | 22 uur

Theresa May misleadingly claiming "record funding" going into education. The truth is real terms funding has fallen by £7bn since 2011. Per pupil funding has fallen by 8% under the Tories. #PMQs … | 22 uur

Corbyn is facing a prime minister who could be doing her very last PMQs. Dozens on her own MPs are plotting right now to force her out now. And he goes in on schools #PMQs | 22 uur

Excellent from @jeremycorbyn Why are schools resorting to crowdfunding to be able to afford "exotic things" such as pens and glue? #PMQs | 22 uur

Theresa May said at #PMQs that the government is putting record money into schools. As we say almost every week, this is correct but misleading as it doesn’t factor in inflation or rising pupil numbers. … [1/2] | 22 uur

John is sitting outside Houses of Parliament today with a clear message. John was outside Parliament last year with his mates. Yes that is John doing a Nazi salute. Don’t be cowed by John and his cronies. #PMQs | 22 uur

#PMQS She's on the rack and Corbyn's gone for school closing times, FFS | 22 uur

British Steel is going into receivership, the tories won't loan them the £30m to save up to 25k jobs, this is tory ideology in action, Scunthorpe @UKLabour town, if this was leafy Surrey the cash would be there, they are ideological bastards who care nothing for the North #PMQs | 22 uur

"I am proud to announce that I will be running to be the next Tory leader" - Larry the cat outside Downing Street this morning #PMQs | 22 uur