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LIVE: Prince Andrew watching Panorama. #BBCPanorama #PrinceAndrew | 16 uur

Devastating reading for #PrinceAndrew and Buckingham Palace in the Mail on Sunday today over his questionable ‘business’ interests. Just goes to show that no-one should underestimate ‘these idiots’, as the press are so charmingly referred to in one excruciating email exchange. | 16 uur

Tonight’s Panorama is likely to do more damage to #PrinceAndrew and the royals. The Queen and Charles only acted after it became bad PR, eight years after the initial accusations were made. Prince Andrew accuser asks public to 'stand beside her' … | 16 uur

Public Service Announcement: Getting a woman who helped to sex traffic dozens of underage girls to publically defend you does NOT help your image or case. #PrinceAndrew #JeffreyEpstein … | 16 uur

#PrinceAndrew accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre: 'I'm not suicidal, in case something happens to me' … | 16 uur

Mensen moeten echt af van het idee dat we kunnen vertrouwen op de autoriteiten. Sekseiland Jeffrey #Epstein waar VIPS als Bill #Clinton en #PrinceAndrew zich uitleefden is topje van de ijsberg. Zie mijn interview met Tjeerd Andringa. … | 16 uur

Van de prins geen kwaad...? #Eppstein #PrinceAndrew @RTLBoulevard … | 16 uur

#PrinceAndrew is single-handedly bringing down the monarchy. | 16 uur

Am I right in thinking that literally nobody who worked at Pizza Express in Woking has come forward to tell of the surely memorable occasion that #PrinceAndrew came in? Still. Odd, right? | 16 uur

How much lower could she stoop? The woman who allegedly helped #JeffreyEpstein procure young woman, #GhislaineMaxwell, is reportedly in talks with US TV stations about an interview in which she will defend #PrinceAndrew … | 16 uur

Royals must face major independent inquiry: Republic #PrinceAndrew … | 16 uur

Spent a month up in remote West Bengal working on this one, nice to see our investigation into #PrinceAndrew & the mistreatment at his girls charity published today. I really hope it leads to a brighter future for some very vulnerable children … | 16 uur

Compared to #PrinceAndrew ‘s stuttering and arrogant interview, Virginia Giuffre was controlled and her story was consistent. She also acknowledged that she may not be clear on everything and didn’t try to play victim.Good for her! | 16 uur

As someone who believes in the Monarchy, it’s clear to me #PrinceAndrew’s next interrogation must be in a courtroom. … | 16 uur

I woke up to this from the Times and was reminded of that Stephen Glover piece where he rubbished Harry & Meghan, & said #PrinceAndrew is great, he only “rubs shoulders” with a few “shifty characters”. I wonder how he’s talking now? #SpreadLove. Hate comes back to bite | 16 uur

The #PrinceAndrew stories continue to emerge, this one involving his use of a financier’s luxury jet. “It poses real questions about whether when he was performing Royal duties he was doing that in the national interest or in the interests of his mates.” … | 16 uur

Advocaat: #PrinceAndrew moet getuigen voor rechter … | 16 uur

Someone remind me why this clear danger is free whilst Julian Assange languishes in a prison awaiting extradition to the US ? #bbcpanorama #princeandrew | 16 uur

I am loathe to link to the Mail, but jesus, the details... @RepublicStaff cancel all leave ! Never mind sleaze, #PrinceAndrew & his advisors have been giving away government secrets to billionaires. Dodging tax. Billionaires paying off Fergie's debts … | 16 uur

#PrinceAndrew In these videos I will lift the lid on what went on a Buckingham Palace during my six years there, from affairs by senior advisors to HM the Queen to domestic abuse and alcoholism amongst her staff. I will talk of corruption I and others were involved and covered up | 16 uur