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You guys wanted transparency for your precious Mueller Report, you got it. But after 2+ years of the investigation you are not okay with the outcome. What tf happened to #ProtectMueller? wheres your "evidence" you have? Stop talking #WalkAwayFromDemocrats #MAGA #barr | 2 uur

Whatever happened to the left's #ProtectMueller | 2 uur

Take the names and run Democrats and Liberal Repubs vs. these self-serving fools. #ProtectMueller #ImpeachTrump #PutinsPuppet … | 2 uur

The #MuellerReport shows @realDonaldTrump tried to #FireMueller multiple times but his aides refused to carry out his orders. This means @SenateGOP and @HouseGOP members were absolutely wrong for not voting to #ProtectMueller. This should not make anyone want to vote for them. | 2 uur

#protectmueller is scrambling to explain why things turned out different than they “planned” - what if Sessions was still in- same excuses? … | 2 uur

Boy for a report with no evidence of collusion there sure is a heck of a lot of evidence of collusion. #ProtectMueller | 2 uur

Fight to better lives, then. Make actual change. It's harder than #ProtectMueller, which I find passive | 2 uur

Whatever happened to “#ProtectMueller”? | 2 uur

So we can in fact impeach an Attorney General. Thanks, @TwoDGoodShoes #ProtectMueller #MuellerReport … | 2 uur

Yippee!!! Mueller's testimony to Congress is long overdue. I hope the American public gets to hear him too. @krassenstein #ProtectMueller #ImpeachBarrNow … | 2 uur

#RobertMueller should be assigned 24hr top notch security protection. #protectMueller #MuellerReport | 2 uur

READ: Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller, III, Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election ( Redacted ) 4.18.2019 @CommonCause … #MuellerReport #ProtectMueller | 2 uur

#protectmueller #protectmueller #protectmueller #protectmueller NOW MORE THAN EVER! | 2 uur

Funny how people like you in DC were getting off over Mueller and the #ProtectMueller but now he is somehow complicit. Didn't get results you hoped for and now he is evil. You are part of the problem and the swamp | 2 uur

Hahahaha. Mueller is coming. #ProtectMueller That’s all we’ve heard for 22 months. I can’t #Resist liberals losing their minds if there’s anything left of them. Another great day in the greatest country in the world. #MuellerThursday | 2 uur

But, but, but, but #ProtectMueller | 2 uur

2 weeks ago it was #ProtectMueller Now he can’t be trusted? Lol it is OVER #AllYourDreamsAreDead | 2 uur

Restore public trust? You haven't read the report yet. Mueller is just going to repeat what is in the report. You just want a circus to spew your conspiracy theories. #ProtectMueller | 2 uur

Is Mueller’s investigation still ok with Democrats or should we keep it going? #Protectmueller! … | 2 uur

There were larger liberal protests over Jeff Sessions' firing than over the Trump-GOP Tax Heist or assault on Obamacare. As we yelled #ProtectMueller, the WH was extensively cooperating w/ his probe. When the report is released & disappointment sinks in, a real Resistance awaits. … | 2 uur