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  • Nils Nilsson passed away today. There's a good chance you've never heard of him because he didn't stick his name on an algorithm. But, if you've ever made or played a videogame, you have benefitted from his work. A* is the foundation of most enemy behavior in games.
  • The great firewall is actually not all that great. -- @TheBlueMatt
  • Call 1 = a_0 < ... < a_r = n an addition chain for n if each a_i term (i=1,..,r) is a sum of any two preceding terms in this sequence; and define l(n) to be minimum r. FACT: that there is an n with l(2n) < l(n); i.e. a certain 2n-th power is easier to evaluate than n-th
  • Remember these? "TCP/IP & Netscape announce partnership to make internet accessible" "SMTP & Gmail team up on web-based email client" "POP3 partners with Microsoft Outlook" Me neither If your crypto protocol can announce a partnership, it's probably a company
  • Covering blockchain voting in my election security class feels like having a syllabus in an organic chemistry class devote three lectures to alchemy just so that the students will know what to say when their future employers expect them to turn lead into gold.

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