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  • 2 minutes into Trump's teleprompter speech written by Stephen Miller: Don't bother watching because it's a bunch of disgusting, racist bullshit aimed at his base. Fuck him, fuck his wall and fuck the GOP for cow-towing to this fucked up shit. #ImpeachTheMF
  • The Donald run FOX TV ad ask people call 800-350-6647 & press 1 to “DEMAND Pelosi fund wall.” But is only legal do this if “no” option include, so is bury at end. Ad say “press 2 if you do NOT support the wall.” The Donald very mad if you do this.
  • Let's all have a little fun trolling @realDonaldTrump tonight. Post your favorite Trump GIF or meme in the comments below, and pass it on to your friends. Every like, retweet, GIF, and meme will notify #McDonaldTrump our crime infested dumpster-fire-in-chief. He'll love it!
  • BREAKING: People spotted McConnell heading for the ocean!
  • Today’s ruling blocking the Trump Admin’s citizenship question on the #2020Census reveals the true, cynical political purpose behind the question’s proposal – a purpose which the Administration attempted to hide from the American people. 

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