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  • #HealthAwarenessCampaign Aluminium poison can have results ranging from brain degeneration to skeletal
  • #HealthAwarenessCampaign Aluminum dissolves in food and water during the cooking process. This absorbs aluminum goes into the bloodstream and accumulates in different organs due to a multitude of different effects in people. @Gurmeetramrahim
  • @derasachaSauda is an organization which prides itself in spiritual and social welfare of the masses. It is well known for its humanitarian work and for being a confluence of all religions.
  • #FoodBankForPoorByStMSG followers stay hungry for a day, every week and give away that day’s food equivalent to those in need. Those who can not observe this unique fast can contribute monetarily. @derasachasauda
  • #HealthAwarenessCampaign @derasachasauda To save people from the use of non stick nd aluminum utensils nd to educate them so that their diseases can be avoided.!

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