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And for those who fear Allah, he will make their path easy – Quran – Al talak: 4 Alhamdulilah, Al-Khair Syria Kitchen in Ein Issa camp with 13,000 internally displaced persons from #Raqqa is running on daily basis since Ramadan. Please continue to support us. | 3 uur

Exhumations of 670 bodies so far from Al-Fukhaykha mass grave in #Raqqa by Early Recovery Team. | 3 uur

Bliss to hell and back again: #Raqqa under #reconstruction … | 3 uur

Crops burned in northern #Raqqa CS | 3 uur

In response to the residents' request, #ERT is leveling an agricultural road at Hamret Bwetiyeh village, in #Raqqa eastern countryside | 3 uur

#Raqqa : At least thirty #YPG (PKK) members have been killed in the city by explosive devices in the last 48h. Many others are wounded and YPG say ISIS cells did this but that has not been proven. YPG remain hugely unpopular in the region. (العربية) … | 3 uur

Several civilians wounded in tonight's explosions in #Raqqa | 3 uur

The site of IED blast in #Raqqa city #SDF patrol was targeted. Pic via @RE_N_AS | 3 uur

Explosion of IED on road crossing of Jezrah/Panorama in #Raqqa two civilians injured. | 3 uur

Crops burned near Ayn Issa in northern #Raqqa province via @EuphratesPost | 3 uur

As #ERT has promised, the team started preparations for asphalting Al-Mansour street in #Raqqa city The photo was taken during the inspection and cleaning of manholes and basin grates | 3 uur

Arts return to Syria’s #Raqqa after ISIS | | 3 uur

After #Raqqa my comment more relevant than ever: Why we simply 'walk away' from the victims of collateral damage #airwars … | 3 uur

Following months of rehabilitation efforts by the #Raqqa civil council, finally the city partially restored its lights, and crowded markets after almost 2 years of expelling #ISIS. from the | 3 uur

This is not #Raqqa under control of #ISIL, this is #Iran under control of the Islamic Regime which is the Shiite version of #Daesh. This man got arrested because of drinking & eating in #Ramadhan. Sharia Police has order to arrest people who eat and drink in public in | 3 uur

Al-Naeem roundabout in #Raqqa after fasting “Iftar” this’s the same roundabout were terrorists used to slaughter civilians and terrify their community, now is tuned to a place where the Raqawi community comes together. #SDF | 3 uur