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Aaron is #RCTID | 14 uur

I'm really enjoying @TheAthleticSCCR's coverage of the Timbers since they switched to their new coverage strategy. 1 article in 29 days, written by a Seattle-based writer. Nice work, folks! #rctid | 14 uur

¡Feliz cumpleaños! Join us in wishing Marvin Loría a very happy birthday. #RCTID | 14 uur

2019 STH face value match rates are herein. All FB pages are up (link in bio). Exchange away! #RCTID | 14 uur

Extreme Makeover: Soccer Stadium Edition. #RCTID – bij Providence Park | 14 uur

Hey #RCTID wanna be uncomfortable? | 14 uur

View from the top of sections 92/93. This expansion is far more immense and impressive in person. #RCTID #stadiumporn | 14 uur

Calm, cool, collected. Every angle of Jorge Moreira's rocket. The Complete Look, presented by @oregon_lottery. #RCTID | 14 uur

Until next time you see us #RCTID | 14 uur

I am very happy Steve Clark is @TimbersFC. This is fully awesome. #RCTID … | 14 uur

If you’d told me two months ago that seven weeks in the Timbers would be within a point of Atlanta, NYCFC, and the Red Bulls, I would’ve been pretty stoked with how the first couple months had gone. #RCTID | 14 uur

We woke up like this... #RCTID | 14 uur

Diego Valeri is the first player in MLS history to ever have exactly 69 goals and 69 assists at the same time. #RCTID | 14 uur

God I missed that song... Big win for the boys tonight. What a fight from minute 1 to 90+ #RCTID | 14 uur

THE @TimbersFC DO NOT LOSE ON RECYCLED JERSEY DAY! Sorry for the dramatics but as we’ve said all along, we have each other’s back. GREAT WIN! #RCTID | 14 uur

Jorge Moreira gets his first @MLS goal to lock up our first win of the season, and goodness, was it a rocket. #RCTID | | 14 uur

Three goals. Three points. #RCTID | | 14 uur

Thank you, Columbus. Always a pleasure. #RCTID | 14 uur

Diego Valeri career MLS stats as of this second- 69 goals 69 assists #RCTID | 14 uur

Welcome back again my friends to the show that never ends. We’re so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside. #RCTID | 14 uur