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  • What an absolute priority! For a nation suffering with so much, we definitely needed bigger breasts all around us, as staring at them will cure everything else! #Shame #Disgusted #Priorities
  • Meri zarooratein kam Hain iss liye mere zameer mein dum hai... Yes indeed: the richer they are, they become penny wise pound foolish. …
  • Meet Georgina Lazar She reads her #Bible in #Urdu "I wake up to the morning azaan, say my prayers in Church and listen to the temple bells from next door..." This #EasterWeekend, a heart-warming film from @karwanemohabbat |
  • Today is #AmarAkbarAnthony kinda day. Hanuman Jayanti, Jumaa, Good Friday :-)
  • Shouldn’t anyone who mourns the martyrs of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks be horrified by Sadhvi Pragya’s remark that Hemant Karkare fell victim to her curse? Why do we need the likes of Kasab to spread terror when this lady is eager to take the credit. Is this what we have come to?

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