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Has anyone noticed that Leavers have upped the campaign to ridicule and berate remainers as stupid, violent and, or cultist? Nobody is going to grind us down #RevokeA50 #Remain | 20 uur

KEN CLARKE IS THE WORST person to sort out #Brexit. Such a rabid Remoaner, he was the ONLY member of Tory party to refuse to vote YES to ARticle 50 & No Deal. wants us in EU forever. … @borisjohnson #borisjohnson @BackBoris #backboris #Remain | 20 uur

Enough insults from these people. Starting next week I will have a slot each day on the radio show for ordinary men and women to fight back against this tide of #Remain snobbery and political arrogance. Please retweet to all your friends #IndependentRepublic @talkRADIO … | 20 uur

Absolutely delighted that the wonderful Dr @SarahWollaston - hugely respected across the House of Commons and the country - has joined the @LibDems family! This underlines that we are the biggest and strongest #Remain party in the UK. … | 20 uur

In 1975, we had a referendum about UK membership of the EEC (the forerunner of the EU). Two out of three people voted to #Remain. Did Eurosceptics accept that result? No! They campaigned for the next 40 years to leave. Clearly, they had no respect for that "democratic" decision! | 20 uur

Only ONE Brexit strategy will stop @BorisJohnson from destroying the UK, actually work AND heal this country - The Mangan Plan - Sign the Petition!  via @UKChange #Remain | 20 uur

What’s clear is that Corbyn machine has launched massive propaganda & bullying exercise designed to convince #Remainers - despite all evidence of last 3 years - that the consistently pro-EU pro-#Remain @LibDems are somehow responsible for any no-deal crash-out (or any Brexit) | 20 uur

Let's do another poll "Do you want #JeremyCorbyn as an interim PM for a couple of weeks to stop no deal #Brexit?" Please RT & share to get a big sample for this survey, thanks. #LeaveOct31 #remain #JC4PM #NoDealLibDems #Labour #Conservatives #LibDems #SNP #DUP #BrexitParty | 20 uur

Morning Y’all! Trump looks to buy Greenland and in just 10 weeks he gets the UK for free! Not a bad ‘ole time for ‘America First, America First, America First’ huh buddies! Have a great day in lil ‘ole England! – Or we could #RevokeA50 and #Remain | 20 uur

I took part in 30 debates for #Remain with Tory/UKIP Leavers in 2016 ref, incl Owen Paterson. They said we wouldn't leave the CU or SM w/o a deal, promised 'unfettered access', to trade more or less as we do now. There's no mandate 4 no deal #farmers4pv … | 20 uur

Sarah Wollaston joining the Liberal Democrats is a huge issue. She's widely respected in the House of Commons and throughout the country, and her joining underlines the fact that the Lib Dems are the biggest, strongest party of #Remain | 20 uur

Corbyn: "Okay, a 'unity' government. But it must be a Labour one, and it must be led by me." #Remain MPs: "You can't command a majority in the Commons. How about a *compromise* candidate?" Corbyn: "No. Me." "But.." Labour: "See! Remainers won't compromise!"...... #StopBrexit | 20 uur

You remainers are a lovely lot. Enjoy your Friday evening. If this shitty opinion poll that Cameron foisted upon us has had ONE good outcome. It’s connecting with you lot #RevokeA50 #Remain | 20 uur

Chris Riddell on Three Billy Goats Guff and the no-deal Brexit troll. What’s that hiding under the bridge, as the parties bicker over a government of national unity. #NoDealBrexit #Brexit #Remain - political cartoon gallery in London | 20 uur

How many times? @Wera_Hobhouse and her #LibDem europhiles keep on demanding another referendum and then yet another but they would never accept the result no matter how many times we vote unless we vote to #remain and then they won't ask again ... SAY NO TO A | 20 uur

#Leave voters watching the endless infighting between #Remain voters and MPs | 20 uur

I disagree. The best way is #Remain. … | 20 uur

Is Rod Liddle taking the piss? #Remain | 20 uur

#RevokeA50 6.1 m & still people are signing. … #Remain is the majority & every day more people are joining us. | 20 uur

There's no 'mandate' to deliver a result that was bought. This is not Democracy - This is manipulation of Democracy The Great Hack on Netflix #Brexit #StopBrexit #RemainerNow #remain #eu #LibDems #labour #Conservatives #boris #uk | 20 uur