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Liverpool #remain in race to sign Matthijs de Ligt #LFC #Premier_League Pls RT … | 6 uur

Millions of Remainers will never vote for @UKLabour again unless it starts campaigning to #Remain. We’ll vote for real #StopBrexit parties instead. Join one today. … | 6 uur

Kolkata Telegraph; “How could a modern, educated and open society have got it so wrong?”; Global Times China; “Brexit has become a farce”; Washington Post; “UK is suddenly looking like a banana republic” South Africa; 'UK not to be seen as a serious global player anymore' #Remain | 6 uur

We will march again for a final say. On Saturday 12 October people across this country will descend on London for the biggest march of our lives. Keep it clear. Be there. #StopBrexit #Remain … | 6 uur

New anti-#Brexit march planned for weekend new prime minister takes office The goal is to put the proud and confident case for #Remain in the EU Time to #March4Change … | 6 uur

Boris Johnson's views on #Brexit February 2016 Please share this image as widely as possible FYI @mrjamesob @JuliaHB1 #StopBrexit #PeoplesVote #Remain #ToryLeadershipElection #FinalSay #RevokeA50 | 6 uur

The embarrassment of being British in a European consensus group! #Remain #BorisJohnsonShouldNotBePM | 6 uur

Wow. Flipped like a shitty fast-food burger. #BollockstoPimlicoPlumbers #PeoplesVote #StopBrexit #Remain | 6 uur

Unfollow list Pimlico plumbers Lord sugar Anybody else going to throw #remain under a bus today? | 6 uur

Millions of Remainers have been on the same journey as @ChukaUmunna: Maybe we can convince Labour to campaign to #Remain? Nope. Maybe we need a new party to #StopBrexit? Difficult. Time to join the @LibDems … | 6 uur

Shameful, Charlie. You are no longer a champion of #Remain. This bizarre move will lose you business. | 6 uur

Powerful image, Remain forces coming together. #Chuka #VinceCable #LibDems #ChangeUK #Remain | 6 uur

'If #Remain succeeds & we #StopBrexit we will be the first to defeat the populists & give hope to all the others battling the rise of the Alt Right. #PeoplesVote | 6 uur

And the updated 52:48 is now 69:31 in favour of #Remain. … | 6 uur

Delighted to welcome @ChukaUmunna as a colleague in the @LibDems He will be a great asset as we fight for a #PeoplesVote to #Remain | 6 uur

I am very emotional about it all. I will #Remain emotional about it. I have absolutely no intention of giving up. .@BorisJohnson you might be able to impose it on us but it will be temporary. If need be my children & those of millions of others will reverse it. - #StopBrexit | 6 uur

I am stunned at the Labour MPs who sold the country down the river this afternoon by not voting with @LibDems to block no deal. Now we know that @LibDems only UK party whocan be trusted to fight for #Remain #peoplesvote | 6 uur

The #Brexit recession begins. Self-inflicted, entirely predictable and with the potential to be even more damaging to jobs and livelihoods than the 2008 crisis. The only way to stop this is to #Remain in the EU and #Labour need to say it loud and clear. … | 6 uur

@allianceparty @ForChange_Now @TheGreenParty, @LibDems, @Plaid_Cymru @RenewParty @sinnfeinireland @theSNP If you *REALLY* want to #Remain and beat the Brexit Party… Then you do really need to work together… And you need to do it now. Please RT. #FBPE | 6 uur

Remainers - Working together, we can win. So it’s time for another follow back pro-EU day! Please take a second to: 1. Retweet 2. Like 3. Comment 4. Follow And follow back pro-Europeans who retweet this. Keep building the #FBPE community & strengthening #Remain voices. | 6 uur