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#Khune & #RKelly same watsupp stokvel | 8 uur

WHO MADE THIS?!!! #RKelly | 8 uur

Lady Gaga is releasing new physical versions of #ARTPOP -- but this time, #RKelly collaboration "Do What U Want (With My Body)" is notably missing  | 8 uur

There’s not another male R&B artist past or present who can deliver like this. Truly the one and only King. We have to stan! #RKelly | 8 uur

I'm going to unfollow most Bloggers. I've had enough of the Bullshit. No one is helping #rkelly periodt!! The Drama is old.... I'll sit and observe the real and fake!! The lies, gossip, innuendos, arguments. | 8 uur

It's sad people keep thinking this is a game. This is a man's life. You bitter !! Most of you been hating on the man & it didn't matter of he stole a piece of gum. You been wanting to stone him Why is he locked up off hearsay @SGcrimlaw #RKelly #FreeRKelly #SurvivingLies | 8 uur

Usher is NOT the #KingOfRnB... Stop the fuckery for real.. We all know its #RKelly | 8 uur

So these hound dogs really about to try and give #CubaGooding the #BillCosby, #RKelly treatment. Pay attention. I saw a post this morning saying every woman has been assaulted by her mate at some point and didn't understand that's what it was. What's the real agenda? | 8 uur

I read anything else about Kevin Terrell or Dana J. I'm BLOCKING the individual's page. And those who comment. I am so sick of it. Idgaf!! #rkelly is on my radar 24/7. My concern is him & his best interest. Fighting 4 his rights & getting him exonerated. #freerkelly #anxiety | 8 uur

16 years later, he sits in jail with no bond until his trial in April 2020, on sexual assault of young black girls and women, obstruction of justice and many more to make his ass rot in prison for the rest of his life #MuteRKelly #SurvivingRKelly #ConvictRKelly #Rkelly … | 8 uur

BRAZIL?! International King! #RKelly | 8 uur

Darlene April a #peehive #RKelly fan club member is saying jerhonda tried extorting Kelly and defame his character. This woman is crazy. Leave JP alone. Y’all are just mad because Kelly is sitting in a cell. How can she defame a pedophile? People go too damn far | 8 uur

1 of #rkelly's current victims admitted that he raped her the 1st time she was alone with him. Maybe - instead of victims lying - the mental trauma of RAPE is deep/complicated, & causes some people to act in ways others can't understand. Oh, and you're an asshole. #MuteRKelly … | 8 uur

57 year old #RKelly #PeeHive member Darlene April says the reason why she is suing Jerhonda Pace is because JP lied about her age as a MINOR; watched child porn in a court room as a MINOR; & knew what she was doing when she entered a relationship with #RKelly as a MINOR | 8 uur

.@ladygaga to re-release #ARTPOP without #RKelly song  | 8 uur

The #RKelly documentary is everything that the Michael jackson one wasn't. Why has this man been allowed to abuse, rape and assault so many powerless young women for so many years. Just goes to show you money can buy you anything. Including freedom and power. Not for long. #jail | 8 uur

Again willful blindness from a emotionally charged #rkelly maggot. Using race as the common denominator when cornered. | 8 uur

Remember everyone: stay POSTIVIE. When you think about #RKelly always think positive and happy thoughts. He can feel that energy. | 8 uur

Remember: #rkelly has been charged with over 40 counts of sexual-related transgressions against women & children. Those charges involve five minors. He made sex videos with several of the minor victims. … | 8 uur

#Rkelly asked Danielle Williams to talk like a baby and locked her in a hotel room for three days, but eventually lost interest in her when she matured. “I know that he’s a pedophile,” she said. #muterkelly … | 8 uur