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Protest rally in central Moscow as city elections commission refuses to register opposition candidates … via @teamnavalny_mos #Russia | 14 uur

#Russia started to supply #S400 missile defence systems to | 14 uur

For all #Pokemon lovers around the world #russia | 14 uur

#Thread - 1/3: The #S400 has arrived from #Russia to #Turkey, including two | 14 uur

One of the #Mosow pro-democracy #protest leaders Lyubov Sobol @SobolLubov declared “indefinite protest” and called on her supporters to put up tents outside the Moscow city electoral commission’s building. This marks a significant change in the protesters tactics in #Russia: | 14 uur

More photos from today’s pro-democracy #protest in #Moscow, #Russia: | 14 uur

In central #Moscow, #Russia, hundreds of pro-#democracy protesters continue their unsanctioned #protest march to demand registration of independent candidates for the upcoming Moscow city assembly | 14 uur

One of the largest QURAN placed in Mosque of Kazan, #Russia | 14 uur

Another photo of today’s pro-democracy #protest rally in central #Moscow, #Russia: | 14 uur

Dear SAns: Let's not allow fascist organizations like @CASACZA to run our country & lives. Casac is bankrolled by Standard Bank & Open Society Foundation (OSF). OSF & George Soros are banned in #Russia for destabilizing democracy. Let us stand firmly with our Public Protector. | 14 uur

A German Map from 1941 of the Population Density of Soviet #Russia  #MapPorn | 14 uur

This photo is making rounds on the #Russia|n twitter with caption “youthful and energetic #Putin running for another presidential term in 2030” | 14 uur

#Syria: how the non-stop #Russia's drone monitoring makes the difference on N. #Hama front. Despite this pro-Assad forces facing difficulties to advance towards Jebal Zawiyah & holding territory on Tell Malah | 14 uur

#Russia now has its first X-ray observatory in 30 years heading into deep space. Next comes three-month-long sailing toward Lagrange point, 1.5 million kilometers away from Earth's orbit, before astrophysics observations can begin: … | 14 uur

Wheat field #Siberia #Russia My video | 14 uur

Video of #Russia S-400 parts loaded at a #Turkey airbase today. The leak of videos is by itself a message to US & NATO from Ankara & Moscow on new policy/security | 14 uur

#Russia Has Stopped Using #SWIFT And #US Dollars To Implement Weapon Contracts. | 14 uur

Swara took to her twitter and wrote, "Just back Frm #Russia after a break ". Including social media break! #SwaraBhasker @Reallyswara trolled for tweeting late about Aligarh toddler | 14 uur

Russian EMERCOM: fire at TPP in Mytishchi caused by natural gas pipe break … #Russia (and here is footage of the moment of the break) | 14 uur

Russian EMERCOM confirms fire at TEC-27 power plant in Moscow region, fire at "high pressure station". Newest power plant of Mosenergo, supplying power to customers of North and North-East districts of Moscow … #Russia | 14 uur