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Middelstadt my bad #sabres | 30 sec

No joke: I actually wrote "Hindenburg" first but remembered I referenced it the other night. #Sabres are running through disaster metaphors. | 30 sec

@BuffaloSabres Nobody sets the Bar Low like you guys Do. #QuitMode #sabres | 30 sec

Twitter changed the way they crop videos and now it cuts off the end but I’m too lazy to fix it. You’re still following the #Sabres so I know you’re well equipped to deal with disappointment. | 30 sec

#Sabres have 3 shots this period | 30 sec

#Sabres I see Eichel the great is in the box score. MINUS Jack. Captain Jack is staying home tonight. His boyfriend Reinhart is on a date so Jack stays home & masterbates. Captain Jack off. OK, I’ll stop. I hate Billy Joel anyway...sorry. My bad. I expect Twitter banishment... | 30 sec

Dahlin's turnover wasn't great, but should somebody have covered Gallagher in front? #Sabres #NHL … | 30 sec

Think I'm going to take a nap for the next twenty minutes. Like the #Sabres | 30 sec

These guys play defense like Housley but don't score. BAD Combo @WGR550 #sabres | 30 sec

The #Sabres look even worse as the game goes on and the season winds down. There's a lot of deadweight and a coach who doesn't know what to do. They are totally lost in the d-zone. | 30 sec

TWENTY TWO THOUSAND AND ONE!!! #Habs lead 2-1 over #Sabres Brendan Gallagher's 32nd!! Most he has ever scored in any one season! CONGRATS @BGALLY17!!! #GoHabsGo | 30 sec

Danault out hits and out works Dahlin, and makes a diving pass to Gallagher who puts it past Hutton. #gohabsgo #sabres | 30 sec

Is Housley showcasing Sobotka for a trade? Someone should say tell him #Sabres | 30 sec

Hutton looks like he's back to form. Unfortunately, the #Sabres D has maintained theirs. | 30 sec

Casey Nelson is Marco Scandella in training. Titanic paired with Chernobyl on defense. #Sabres | 30 sec

beautiful play from #gohabsgo. 1-1. #sabres | 30 sec

I think there's something wrong with the colour setting on my television. #Sabres #HNIC | 30 sec

What a meanie. #sabres | 30 sec

When your son has the flu but the #Sabres are on | 30 sec

Montour continues to rack up points at 5v5, great addition to this team #Sabres | 30 sec