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#Sabres fans, question for y'all: would you trade Dahlin for Marner straight up? | 19 uur

Ending throwback Thursday with the greatest hockey shift of all time #Sabres | 19 uur

Sad to hear about the death of #Sabres play by play man Rick Jeanneret | 19 uur

Buffalo Sabres 50th anniversary jersey concepts #Sabres | 19 uur

The #Sabres posted these wallpapers in their Instagram story today. Maybe another hint of what's to come this season? | 19 uur

Buffalo Sabres 50th anniversary concept jerseys with mock-ups #Sabres50 #Sabres | 19 uur

New 2ITB: How exactly do the #Sabres trim their roster? … | 19 uur

@Icebeardude just doing his normal stuff. #Sabres | 19 uur

Name a bigger Stu Barnes fan, I’ll wait. #Sabres | 19 uur

Casey Mittelstadt shooutout goal #sabres | 19 uur

If the #Sabres want to increase their scoring, perhaps they need to look no further than Linus Ullmark... : lullmark - Instagram | 19 uur

Reinhart zipped up. #sabres | 19 uur

Loving my Rasmus Dahlin #NHL94 inspired shirt. #Sabres | 19 uur

Risto can’t hear the trade rumors while he is grinding under The Mykonos #Sabres | 19 uur

Happy 39th Birthday, Millsy @RyanMiller3039 #Sabres … | 19 uur

Congratulations, your Buffalo #Sabres are Stanley Cup Champions! | 19 uur

Waiting for the next #Sabres offseason move like: | 19 uur

When you’re 80 but still tryin to get some. #Sabres | 19 uur

Have a feeling these #Sabres themed game caps will not stay on the shelves long. #Bisons | 19 uur

Ristolainen stands up McLeod at the blueline. #sabres | 19 uur