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I wrote this - and really, this is only ONE of the things that makes ODAAT wonderful. Contains spoilers. #SaveODAAT #wegotyou One Day At A Time: Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and a Whole Lotta Love  via @25ylsite | 15 uur

I love when Elena talks about such an important topics #saveODAAT | 15 uur

Well that’s not what I wanted to start my day with. Let’s keep fighting for this show. #SaveODAAT … | 15 uur

i genuinely just burst into tears in school. please #saveodaat. | 15 uur

I cried to everything she just said. No, @Isabella_Gomez don't say that! #SaveODAAT | 15 uur

This seems extreme But, @Netflix should respect their subscribers and stop cancelling shows on cliffhangers without closure. When a customer loses trust they will move on. #SaveDaredevil #SaveThePunisher #TheDefenders #SaveODAAT #SaveShadowhunters … | 15 uur

#SAVEODAAT me @ netflix | 15 uur

Vote for ODAAT for Best Streaming Comedy! Plus vote for @JustinaMachado @TheRitaMoreno @Isabella_Gomez @toddgrinnell and Syd & Elena for Best Couple! #SaveODAAT … | 15 uur

I'm good. #SaveODAAT | 15 uur

Whatever it takes! #SaveODAAT poster by | 15 uur

Was watching ODAAT season 3 AGAIN...started to feel angry right in the middle of watching it because I realized a season 4 may not happen. This show really needs to come back! @everythingloria @themarcelruiz @MikeRoyce @MikeRoyce @JustinaMachado @Isabella_Gomez #SaveODAAT | 15 uur

Save my babies. #SaveODAAT | 15 uur

Do you have an idea how much @ODAATwriters are meticulous and responsible when they are thinking about the script? This is the first time that I see a scene like this: a mother helping her daughter to deal with a panic attack. It's so necessary. #SaveODAAT | 15 uur

Stop lying to your subscribers. #SaveODAAT | 15 uur

If you love the show like you claimed as you cancelled it @netflix … SET THEM FREE! #SaveODAAT | 15 uur

I like the sound of this. #SaveODAAT … | 15 uur

Agreed @nytimes #SaveODAAT … | 15 uur

There is still hope. Let @cbs and @SPTV know you want this to happen! #SaveODAAT … | 15 uur

Brighten your morning with the words of a PEGOT (that is now a thing) #SaveODAAT … | 15 uur

Me when it’s been months and nobody has saved One Day at a Time yet. #SaveODAAT | 15 uur