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Real talk @Apple if you buy Sony Pictures, I will fully get your streaming service. #SaveSpiderMan | 21 uur

Pls Apple buy Sony pictures!!!! #savespiderman | 21 uur

Gonna explain the best way you can tell a MCU movie from a Non-MCU movie. If you see the "Marvel Studios" logo then it's a MCU connected movie,If you just see a "Marvel" logo it means it's a movie not connected to the MCU. Pay attention so Sony won't fool you. #SaveSpiderMan | 21 uur

Hey Sony #SaveSpiderMan | 21 uur

Apple, please, take over Sony Pictures.I trust you. #SaveSpiderMan | 21 uur

It's hard to explain to some of these people that blaming one side in the #SpiderMan situation when both sides(Sony & Disney) are to blame in general and that reality. But if anyone being more scummy and egotistic in that situation I be looking at Sony. #SaveSpiderMan | 21 uur

I saw this twice in theaters. Once on the thrusday before opening night and once a week later. This was the only part hat got an audible reaction a week later. #SaveSpiderMan … | 21 uur

Oh, my God. I'm crying #SaveSpiderman | 21 uur

Spider-Man 1,Spider-Man 2,Into The Spider-Verse...Sony's hands-off. Spider-Man 3,TASM 2,Venom...Sony Hands-On. If you wanna call people a clown or whatever for telling you the truth,Then Sony made you the clowns by playing you! #SpiderMan #SaveSpiderMan | 21 uur

Guide to be an MCU Spider-Man fan Have some sort of Tom Holland profile pic Overexagerrated love for the MCU "#SaveSpiderMan" Random neglection of Uncle Ben "f*ck Sony" Fancams (very select few) Idk you guys fill it in | 21 uur

Apple, please take over Sony Pictures! That way, Spider-Man can return to the MCU! #AppleSpidey #SaveSpiderman | 21 uur

No one: Me @ people who believe there’s hope for Spider-Man to return to the MCU: #savespiderman | 21 uur

Also, it already happened in the Spiderman PS4. So in other words, you are just not coming up with new content. Spidey will always belong to MCU not this awful "universe" you are "creating". Your not Kevin Fergie nor MCU. Give spidey to MCU #SaveSpiderMan | 21 uur

all things considered Spider-Man: Far From Home is a great epilogue chapter to The Infinity Saga. If you take out the mid credits scene that is. But still #SaveSpiderman | 21 uur

Ok, every single one of you who say #SaveSpiderMan, you're not allowed to say a single word about #ReleaseTheSnyderCut. Because you guys are JUST as bad. … | 21 uur

In case you haven't noticed, my favorite pastime is going into #SaveSpiderman and reading the cringe | 21 uur

This is Sony when they said Kevin Feige didn't do all the work! #SaveSpiderMan #lol … | 21 uur

Can we trade this film’s existence for one more MCU Spider-Man film? Please? #SaveSpiderMan | 21 uur

Can you just hurry up and make a reasonable deal with @Disney. Do you not realise how many of your fans are still mad about Spider-Man leaving the MCU. Can you please make something work that would benefit you @Sony and @Disney and the mcu fans #SaveSpiderMan | 21 uur

#SpiderManFarFromHome and again this scene got me cryin' #MCU #SaveSpiderman | 21 uur