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  • The ‘I Can’t Get Enough’ video is out now. Can’t believe we pulled it off in one take! (Even if I did fall once or twice trying.)  @itsbennyblanco #tainy
  • .@AOC just delivered powerful testimony about the mistreatment of migrants at the border: "When these women tell me that they were put into a cell and that their sink was not working...and they were told to drink out of a toilet bowl, I believe them. I believe these women."
  • Fun show tonight: @selenagomez is here and we are going to be put to the test by #HotOnes host @seanseaevans! Plus, @ElaineWelteroth and a performance from @GoldLink ft.@MaleekBerry! #FallonTonight
  • Support @esynyc as they transform students’ relationships with food by educating them on how to grow/prepare food in sustainable & delicious ways. Donate here: .
  • On June 14th, let the end times roll. Tickets for #TheDeadDontDie are on sale now!

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