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Even een persoonlijk lijntje over #Shell. … | 12 uur

Trump op bezoek bij #Shell: juich of verlies een dag salaris … | 12 uur

Het ware gezicht van de lobby van #shell … | 12 uur

#shell van der have wasstraat. Ga er niet heen! | 12 uur

#beurs #aex #shell heeft nog maar voor 9 jaar bewezen reserve. En heeft slechte cijfers door LNG en dat gaat weer down | 12 uur

Daarbij vergeleken, zijn de 18-19 jaar oude #ouwemeuksolar #Shell paneeltjes van Polder PeeVau natuurlijk nog maar jonge broekies, nog enigszins nat achter de oren ... | 12 uur

When I sat in my room as a young teen, I overheard my mother say, "She'll have to come out of her #shell one day." I felt hurt. Not because of what she said, but that my parents talked about me behind my back. I never realized parents did this, until that day. #vss365 #innocence | 12 uur

Grandmother couldn't walk with me to the beach any more, so I'd bring her back a #shell each time. She had no words to tell me, but I knew she loved them. Once I found a nautilus, pearlescent and perfect. I held it to my ear out of habit and heard her voice, singing. #vss365 | 12 uur

The finality of what I see hurts. Not just physically but pain that rips a hole in the very fibre of my soul. Crippled by my thoughts of a tomorrow with out you. Looking at the #shell of my mother’s body, my fingers gripping to the side of the coffin. I weep. | 12 uur

Fingers in the sand, picking, prying, rubbing, smoothing Are you talking to yourself, Tom, says Maiden The boy blushes, his ears roar with the sea What's the matter, she says, stroking his face, my beautiful #shell I'm empty, he says She kisses a smile onto his lips #vss365 | 12 uur

#Shell opens up new #plastic factory because Shell has a glut of ethane from fracking. This is why we need to factor #MotherNature into the cost structure of business... Because destroying the #environment to make a dollar just doesn't add up. Thoughts? … | 12 uur

#vermillion lines run radiating the cancer as you fight for might your hopes & dreams quivering on a sterile slab alone one in a million lucky me the odds I won bones of #raredisease navigating as I write a #sanguine #shell braving life #BraveWrite #vss365 #tanka | 12 uur

Gay the sound As Mary-goes-round A spinning carousel Mary’s trapped inside A wooden pony’s Painted #shell I kill a demon— From its corpse I pull for her a spell Showing life, The horse’s hooves Tap a fierce fandango Ends the first Of many quests Until she is untangled | 12 uur

#vss365 Emmie's crooked fingers clasped the #shell and as she leant in, she slipped over its pearly-pink lobe. Hair thick with salt, a cold frill crept around her feet. George held her. Their laughter was snatched by the whispering waves, bowling them a conch to remember. | 12 uur

Crawled out of my #shell to have a peek. Didn’t like what I saw. So I crawled back in. Now I’m stuck. Oh flip eek!! | 12 uur

The #shell of the new universe finally cracked. Observations of that sector of space had been made for many years. The point of interest was light bending from the region of what looked like a nova star. Today we witnessed cosmic birth. | 12 uur

Every time he clutched the conch #shell to his ear, he heard the ocean. And over the lashing waves, he heard the screaming of a child being swept out to sea. He had listened to the shell every night for years. It was the only way he had to hear his daughter's voice. #vss365 | 12 uur

"Put it to your ear - you'll hear the ocean!" I was seven. My dad was a hero. A titan. Knower of all knowledge. I took the shell and listened. "I hear it!" It sits on a shelf. It holds the memory of that day. The echo of his voice. I hear it. #vss365 #shell #BraveWrite | 12 uur

I found the #shell as clouds roiled overhead, swirling black and green. I pressed it to my ear to hear echoes of eons. I put it to my lips and blew. Out at sea, something rose: billowing pearlescent darkness with a mouth like the sun. I dropped the shell and ran. #vss365 | 12 uur

Each morning her frail bent frame chose one #shell from the shore. Shuffling slowly home she admired it, then placed it on the ground. One day I stopped & asked her why. Her response was #sanguine. “This is my pathway to heaven,” she said. #vss365 #BraveWrite | 12 uur