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  • Pakistanis are fully aware of the contributions & sacrifices of their Armed Forces towards their real Tahafuz & prosperity. Exposed role at difficult times, vested present activities, absence from area & imported dictated verbosity of few won’t work. Keep trying...and wait for...
  • When we are clever, we want to change the world. But when we are wise, we change ourselves.
  • Yahi agar larki hoti iss age ki to phir harassment, paedophile, sexual harassment, molesting, rape aur pta nahi kiya kiya bayein krni ghi desi liberals ne. Lekin yeh ik larka hai aur sab enjoy kar rahy hain. This is difference between men and women. Women are not meant to equal. …
  • Chicken outside 230/KG #Ramadan Bazar 212/KG Mutton outside 1,100/KG #Ramadan PKR 800/KG Tomato outside PKR 53/KG #Ramadan Bazar 21/KG Onion outside 34/KG #Ramadan Bazar 23/KG Potato outside 26/KG #Ramadan 13/KG Sugar outside 70/KG #Ramadan 55/KG cc: Blind Nooras & @_Mansoor_Ali
  • When I raised the issue of negative impact of uncontrolled Chinese invasion on society، I was accused of being anti-CPEC. It is estimated that nearly 10 million Chinese wil stay in Pakistan at the peak of CPEC. No-one here has done any social impact study of this

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