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  • The European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan recently released the outcome of the phase 3 of their joint research on distributed ledger technology which includes #LightningNetwork payment channels based on #eltoo! Read the full report here. #Bitcoin …
  • Happy #TowelDay one and all ... Today we remember and thank the universe for the gift of Douglas Noel Adams 1952-2001, a great friend, a great man.
  • So dear service providers, don't take our quest for trustless systems as an attempt to remove you from the equation, but take it as a competitive advantage you may want to adopt
  • Take exchanges for example, if we can create a system in which the exchange doesn't need to take custody of funds it reduces the impact of a potential hack, and the need to regulate correct behavior.
  • People usually think of trustlessness as a pure end-user benefit. This is only one side of the argument for trustless systems though. Trustless setups reduce the need for regulation, reducing the burden on service providers as well.

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