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Ed Sheeran Featuring Camila Cabello & Cardi B #SouthoftheBorder #7 & spends 10th day on 7/21/19 Worldwide @AppleMusic Song Chart | 14 uur

Ed Sheeran Feat. Camila Cabello & Cardi B #SouthoftheBorder debuts #10 on 7/18/19 Spotify Top Global Chart With 20,785,809 streams | 14 uur

Aria Single Chart: #SouthofTheBorder *NEW ENTRY * #14 | 14 uur

‘South Of The Border’ Lyric Video ha pasado los 11 millones de views en Youtube! #SouthofTheBorder | 14 uur

#SouthOfTheBorder has now been made available to US Pop Radio! | 14 uur

#SouthOfTheBorder has been added to Spotify’s ‘Today’s Top Hits’ Playlist! | 14 uur

#SouthofTheBorder tiene 10 millones de views en Youtube! | 14 uur

Our songgg!!!!! @Bxlcalis i love you #SouthOfTheBorder | 14 uur

showed “south of the border” to my cousin who LOVES ed sheeran but we got distracted because of a cute dog i- #SouthOfTheBorder | 14 uur

GUYS LOOK WHAT I JUST GOT #SouthOftheBorder | 14 uur

Apple Music Worldwide: #5. #SouthOfTheBorder (+1) [New Peak] iTunes Worldwide: #8. #SouthOfTheBorder (=) | 14 uur

Rlly trying 2 get over my fear of singing so here’s a small mess up of a cover of #SouthofTheBorder which my mom decided to ruin at th end so thnx mom 4 thtalso I cant get myself to sing th chrus lyrics so um ya haha&srry for my Spanish. maybe I’ll redo it later | 14 uur

Ed Sheeran + Camila Cabello + Cardi B = my favorite song #SouthofTheBorder @edsheeran @Camila_Cabello @iamcardib Link … | 14 uur

#SouthofTheBorder was added to Cardi most popular songs on spotify at #9 with the total of 7,546,701 and #Rodeo is till #1 with total of 40,861,519. So keep streaming #SouthofTheBorder #Rodeo on spotify | 14 uur

Ed Sheeran drops #SouthOfTheBorder lyric video with Camila Cabello & Cardi B | 14 uur

Come South of the Border with me We truly do love this song so much, so we decided to do a Lyric Bio Chain, so we hope that you can enjoy our chain @Camila_Cabello @CamilaAccess @edsheeran #SouthofTheBorder | 14 uur

The Official Streaming Party for #SouthofTheBorder starts now! BUY & STREAM the song and let’s push for a Top 10 debut on Billboards Hot 100!! RETWEET to spread the word! | 14 uur