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Pls Apple buy Sony pictures!!!! #savespiderman #spiderman | 21 uur

Why do ppl complain about Andrew Garfield being too goodlooking for #SpiderMan when nobody says shit about Tom? | 21 uur

It needs to be said because you guys are not ready for this conversation #Spiderman | 21 uur

If Sony & Tom Rothman was ghosting Disney for months prior to the fallout of the #SpiderMan deal since Disney originally wanted 25% in the beginning before the whole 50/50,70/30,& 75/25 offer got out it proves that Sony exaggerated their story when they spoke about it. | 21 uur

Opinions are opinions,but #MCU Aunt May being the worst on-screen portrayal of the character is just facts #SpiderMan | 21 uur

I didn’t have a bus to recreate this on, but I did have a bed. Close enough, right? #SpiderMan | 21 uur

New tier list? Ye. #SpiderMan movie villains ranked drop yours below | 21 uur

We could've finally seen #Daredevil and #SpiderMan on screen in a few years time. From dream, to possible reality, to dream again. | 21 uur

This was one of my favorite scenes from #FarFromHome... now it’s one of the most painful after Disney lost #Spiderman. | 21 uur

Amazing #Spiderman #36 Variant Cover! Featuring the Vulture 2020! | 21 uur

Just dropping this here. Feel free to drop yours below #SpiderMan | 21 uur

Most have already forgotten that just months prior to the Spider-Man fallout, problems had already been brewing btw both studios with Sony pushing Disney hard to associate their Spider-verse with the MCU Timeline of dated reports on how “Venom” killed the MCU deal for #Spiderman | 21 uur

Meet the team Titan #ironman #drstrange #spiderman | 21 uur

Imagine if the next #SpiderMan movie turns out to be a masterpiece but ppl boycott it just bc it isn't in the | 21 uur

The Greatness #spidergwen #spiderverse #gwenstacy #intothespiderverse #spiderman | 21 uur

From comics to the big screen. #SpiderManFarFromHome #SpiderMan | 21 uur

Coming from the man who co-directed #SpiderMan's introduction to the MCU... | 21 uur

A friendship born out of loneliness and empathy,then destroyed by insecurity and secrets #SpiderMan | 21 uur

. Which 𝗦𝗽𝗶𝗱𝗲𝗿-𝗠𝗮𝗻 title graphic is your favorite? #SHPOLL19 @SuperheroPOLL | 21 uur

Hey everyone #SpiderMan | 21 uur