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Look who I saw backstage at STLV...@jerilryan Congrats on bringing Seven back to Star Trek: Picard! Interested to see where the journey takes her. #startrek | 22 uur

#Trekonderoga Weekend is almost here! Get the maintenance crew to clean up the entire ship! And get these tribbles off the bridge...... #StarTrek Tickets/details at : | 22 uur

I’m proud to say I got this reference right away #startrek | 22 uur

Wishing @jonathansfrakes a happy birthday! Share your favorite Riker moment with us in celebration. #StarTrek #StarTrekFamily | 22 uur

"Just act natural" said the photographer. #StarTrek | 22 uur

Who else still wants a Captain Pike series? #StarTrek | 22 uur

What. An. Opening. #StarTrekFYC #StarTrekDiscovery #StarTrek | 22 uur

Happy Birthday, Mr. Roddenberry. Thank you for this vision, this hope, this call to our better angels. We delight in all you’ve brought us... and on a personal note, thank you for the joy and purpose you’ve brought to my life. #StarTrek #startrekdiscovery | 22 uur

We ranked some of the one-hit wonder #StarTrek alien species. Which one is your favorite? | 22 uur

The camera is over here, guys. #StarTrek | 22 uur

August 18, 1992: Filming begins on the DS9 premiere "Emissary" #startrek | 22 uur

Suit up, travelers: it's #BeAnAngelDay! #StarTrek | 22 uur

Play "spot the stunt doubles" in perhaps the greatest of all #StarTrek fight sequences. ("Conspiracy") | 22 uur  presents #MadLibs with the cast of #StarTrekDiscovery #StarTrek | 22 uur

Happy #DayofMedicalTransporters to Captain Beverly Picard and the crew of the medical ship USS Pasteur! #StarTrek | 22 uur

We couldn't not. The beast at Tanagra. #KrisLindahl #BragMpls #StarTrek | 22 uur

Even our feline friends need a checkup once and a while, especially on #TakeYourCatToTheVetDay! #StarTrek | 22 uur

I’ll never get over how stunningly good “Encounter at Farpoint” looks in HD given how awful the SD transfers were. TNG in HD was such a special project we were totally blessed to receive. #StarTrek | 22 uur

A rare post-1980s sighting of the early-TNG-era Type I "cricket" phaser, used in #StarTrek Voyager's "In the Flesh." | 22 uur

And they said the whole #StarTrek vs. #StarWars thing wasn’t real. Good times at | 22 uur