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  • Finally, an on-person video of my ML/tensorflowjs necklace project! 1. It sees a person & turns on. 2. I have a button ring that I can actually flip the program where it is very active when no one is around. 3. I cover the camera & it is inactive. 4. More ppl = diff effects!
  • I can get so HYPERFOCUSED on making something, I'm utterly exhausted all day long, but at 9pm I can start wiring/soldering/ coding a new project & be done by midnight. (I made a travel light for putting on my eye makeup in poorly light hotel bathrooms... Pix later )
  • Some days you know how to write css for flexboxes in ie11 and some days you forget all that Today was the forgetful day (also hihi to fellow react devs writing css to support a legacy browser )
  • I took my beautiful socially awkward necklace to my first hacker meetup ever! most striking diff between hardware hackers & devs is all the compliments I got on the artistry of my wiringof the necklace! thx
  • I do not know why I leave my house tbh

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