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Twee jaar na het ondergaan en zien van verschikkelijke misdaden, verdienen #Rohingya-kinderen gerechtigheid zodat ze zich veilig en ondersteund voelen, op weg naar herstel. RT & doe mee #StoptheWaronChildren | 18 uur

Meet Tomal*, a #Rohingya refugee who lives in Cox's Bazar and dreams of becoming a news reporter. All children like Tomal deserve to feel safe and supported. RT if you agree that we must #STOPTHEWARONCHILDREN. #Refugees (*Name changed to protect his identity) | 18 uur

Mariam believes all children are the future. We agree with her. Stand with incredible children like Mariam: sign the petition to make children off limits in war >>  #StopTheWarOnChildren | 18 uur

For #Rohingya children to have a chance of voluntarily and safely returning home, those responsible for the horrific crimes against them must be held accountable. The #UNSecurityCouncil must refer the situation in #Myanmar to the @IntlCrimCourt #STOPTHEWARONCHILDREN | 18 uur

Tomorrow marks 2 years since the start of the current #RohingyaCrisis. @Reuters takes a look at what has transpired since August 25, 2017: … #STOPTHEBLACKOUT #STOPTHEWARONCHILDREN | 18 uur

3yo Anwar’s family were forced to flee #Myanmar. Now his future is uncertain. We need to #STOPTHEWARONCHILDREN … #Rohingya | 18 uur

Justice delayed is justice denied. Without accountability violations, discrimination & harm to children will continue. It isn't good enough. As it hears further evidence today from the FFM the #UNSecurityCouncil must step up, act and push for justice. #STOPTHEWARONCHILDREN … | 18 uur

It’s been 2 years since horrific crimes were carried out against #Rohingya children and yet those who committed these atrocities have still not faced justice. RT & join us to call on the #UNSecurityCouncil to refer the situation in #Myanmar to @IntlCrimCourt #STOPTHEWARONCHILDREN | 18 uur

BREAKING: @UN Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on #Myanmar finds scale of sexual violence against the #Rohingya shows 'genocidal intent'. #STOPTHEBLACKOUT #STOPTHEWARONCHILDREN #RohingyaCrisis @AJENews … | 18 uur

To date, over 740,000 #Rohingya people have fled across the border into #Bangladesh –more than 1/2 are children, many arriving alone & severely traumatized from the horrors they've witnessed. #Rohingya children deserve justice and a chance for a future #STOPTHEWARONCHILDREN | 18 uur

Sarah knows she'll face challenges. She's already planning how to overcome them. Nothing will stop Sarah achieving her goals. Stand with incredible children like Sarah: sign the petition to make children off limits in war >>  #StopTheWarOnChildren | 18 uur

Two years on from witnessing and living through unspeakable crimes, #Rohingya children deserve to get justice so they are able to feel safe, supported and are able to get on a path to recovery. RT & join us – through our words and actions we can help #STOPTHEWARONCHILDREN | 18 uur

We’re strongly concerned about the safety of affected #Rohingya children and families, as the conflict escalates and humanitarian access remains limited. Read more:  #StopTheWarOnChildren | 18 uur

2 years on & #Rohingya children are still awaiting justice for the unspeakable crimes committed against them. The #UNSecurityCouncil has the power -- pass a resolution referring the situation in #Myanmar to the @IntlCrimCourt & hold perpetrators to account. #STOPTHEWARONCHILDREN | 18 uur

More children around the world than ever before, are living in areas affected by conflict. We’re doing whatever it takes to #STOPTHEWARONCHILDREN . RT to show your | 18 uur

"The #Rohingya children who fled rape, torture & killings are not a lost generation but they are in danger of becoming a forgotten one," writes @Skinner1David 2 years on since horrific crimes were committed against #Rohingya children>  #STOPTHEWARONCHILDREN | 18 uur

Two years since the start of the influx of more than 700,000 #Rohingya into Bangladesh, a blackout on communications in parts of Myanmar is putting children at risk #STOPTHEBLACKOUT #STOPTHEWARONCHILDREN #RohingyaCrisis … | 18 uur

A year after an air strike hit a school bus in #Yemen, 12 year-old Khaled tells us of his ongoing physical & psychological struggle. He says "At night I have ugly dreams...then I get up and cry all night long.” Help us #STOPTHEWARONCHILDREN: | 18 uur

"The number of violations against children in war have tripled globally since 2010" ~ Save the Children #stopthewaronchildren See this stunning picture of Mohammed featured in @guardian > | 18 uur